The right visualisation recipe for your industrial application

High-quality ingredients, elegantly combined.
That sounds like a simple recipe:

  1. Take one industrial-type 7" (17.8 cm) TFT and combine it with a capacitive 5-finger multi-touch sensor.
  2. Add one high-quality decor panel and paste it across the entire surface of the touch sensor.
  3. Leave to set for a few hours.
    Your industrial application now has a modern "face".
    An elegant, functional design combined with reliable ruggedness.

Many companies face the challenge of finding suitable partners for the aforementioned "recipe". Coordinating the raw materials, your suppliers and the production processes seems like a quite a challenge.

Ultimately, the following questions remain:

  • Who provides the warranty?
  • And who is responsible for manufacturing?

We have prepared this recipe for you -

All you need to do is sit down
and enjoy the GLYN ACLAVIS 7" LCD menu with its images and sounds...

(Art.Nr. GETM0700G0EDH6GLYN01)

The 800 x 480 pixel RGB (CMOS) TFT has become a market standard. Each year, a few hundred thousand of them are used throughout Europe.
A perfectly fitting PCT provides modern features:

  • Five-finger recognition
  • On-flex controller
  • I²C protocol
  • Windows™, Linux and Android driver
  • Energy-saving modes
  • Easily adjusting touch sensitivity

We have used an optical bonding process to attach this unit to a cover glass. For your application, this means:

  • Increased stability (full-surface bonding)
  • Protection against penetration by foreign objects and moisture
  • Reduced reflection
  • Better performance of the capacitive touch panel (no air gap)


Image: Combines elegance with ruggedness – GLYN 7" ClearLCD (Part No. GETM0700G0BDH6GLYN01)

For the modern "face" of your industrial application
In order to provide your application with a modern "face", we have combined elegance with sturdiness. The 2 mm decor panel provides a perfect balance between stability and functionality for the PCT:

  • Rounded corners and polished edges provide an expensive designer look.
  • The black print blends in elegantly into the front of the housing.
  • The (back) surface is large enough for the IP65 disk to adhere to.
  • Super-fine anti-glare surface (reducing reflections and grease adhesion)
  • The quality of the surface etching is internationally unique and offers an excellent feel for touch applications
  • Up to 5 times higher bending and breaking resistance thanks to chemical strengthening

Discover the advantages of this design for yourself.
Order your personal sample now (Part No. GETM0700G0BDH6GLYN01)!



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