Optical Bonding & HMI - Modern user interfaces and much more

SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o.  is located in Jihlava, Czech Republic and currently has 200 employees. It has produced input systems for control and automation technology as well as laboratory and medical equipment for its core market of Germany and Austria since 1992.

Projective capacitive touch sensors with decorative panels, as well as capacitive keyboards, have also been developed and produced since 2012. SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. has appropriate production areas for electronics assembly, such as clean-room production facilities and ESD-protected rooms.

Cooperative partnership with GLYN - a combination of strengths

SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. and GLYN have combined their strengths and can offer you even better products and services. Both SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. and GLYN are experts in their respective fields with many years of experience.

Together we offer the following services:

  • Optical bonding (full-surface bonding of decorative panel and touch)
    • Reflections are significantly reduced
    • No condensation or ingress of foreign bodies when used outdoors
    • Improved mechanical shock and vibration resistance
    • Better performance of the PCAP touch sensor
  • Design and assembly
    • Front panel in aluminium or stainless steel
    • Retaining plates
    • Seals
    • Housing
    • Assembly of all components
    • Printing of the front foil or the decorative panel
    • Mechanical fabrication of the baseplate
    • Design solutions for other mechanical components
  • Development
    • Prototype planning
    • Test planning
    • Development of product-specific packaging solutions
    • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)


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