The most successful display family – Part 3:
Durable yet innovative – this is how it can be achieved!

Durability and reliability are esteemed virtues in the display business.

They make the life of buyers and developers much easier. Nobody wants to continually deal with the issue of discontinuations.

On the other hand, innovation is important. The market is changing and products are continuously improved. Developers want to ensure that their application is not overtaken by those of their competitors and market shares are lost.

How does the GLYN display family come off here? 

Longer product life cycles: One basic requirement for the display family was the use of industrial TFT panels. These panels have a longer product life cycle than products from the consumer market. The PCB on the back also offers a certain amount of flexibility should anything ever need to be adapted (e.g. the LED driver due to modified LEDs).

Over time, improvements are always made which must be introduced as smoothly as possible into the ongoing process.

Here are two examples:

Enhanced TFT panel: Characteristics such as contrast, brightness and colour reproduction depend on the TFT panel. The 7.0” (17.8 cm) display was upgraded a few months ago.

This product now benefits from brighter colours and a better colour contrast because it has recently come to cover 72 % of the NTSC colour spectrum. The update had no influence on critical parameters and so the specification remained largely unchanged. A PCN was issued and developers has the opportunity the test the new TFT panel. It was the right moment to prepare the display for the coming years. 

New panel                                                                                  Old panel

Enhanced PCAP Touch: Significant enhancements are made every year, especially in the area of PCAP technology. Here the time also came to use the latest generator of controllers. Advantages: The touch sensor is less sensitive to interference and operates more reliably in combination with front panels than previous generations. There were no mechanical modifications and even the method for evaluating the touch signals remained almost identical in spite of the change in controller.

Durable yet innovative is definitely possible. If this is performed in close coordination with the industrial market, all those involved will reap benefits. The GLYN display family serves as a basis for many innovative solutions, which is also reflected by the ACLAVIS® product range.

Based on products originating from the TFT family that simplify the development of a modern HMI 


Picture: 5.0” (12,7 cm) ACLAVIS® with prestressed anti-glare decorative panel (based on TFT family) 

Picture: COM baseboard for i.MX with compatible connection for the TFT family

Size Device Resolution Feature
3,5“ G-ET0350G0DM6 QVGA  
3,5“ G-ET0350G0DH6 QVGA with AR-Touch
3,5“ G-ETM0350G0BDH6 QVGA with PCAP-Touch
4,3“ G-ET0430G0DM6 WQVGA  
4,3“ G-ET0430G0DH6 WQVGA with AR-Touch
4,3“ G-ETM0430G0BDH6 WQVGA with PCAP-Touch
5,0“ G-ET0500G0DM6 WVGA  
5,0“ G-ET0500G0DH6 WVGA with AR-Touch
5,0“ G-ETM0500G0EDH6 WVGA with PCAP-Touch
5,0“ G-ETM0500G0EDH6#GLYN01 WVGA with PCAP-Touch and sturdy cover glass
5,7“ G-ETQ570G0DM6 QVGA  
5,7“ G-ETQ570G0DH6 QVGA with AR-Touch
5,7“ G-ETQ570G2DM6 QVGA with holder
5,7“ G-ETQ570G2DH6 QVGA with holder and AR-Touch
5,7“ G-ETMQ570G2DH6 QVGA with holder and PCAP-Touch
5,7“ G-ETV570G0DMU VGA  
5,7“ G-ETV570G0DHU VGA with AR-Touch
5,7“ G-ETMV570G0BDHU VGA with PCAP-Touch
5,7“ G-ETV570G2DMU VGA with holder
5,7“ G-ETV570G2DHU VGA with holder and AR-Touch
5,7“ G-ETMV570G2BDHU VGA with holder and PCAP-Touch
7,0“ G-ET0700G8DM6 WVGA  
7,0“ G-ET0700G8DH6 WVGA with AR-Touch
7,0“ G-ETM0700G0EDH6 WVGA with PCAP-Touch
7,0“ G-ETM0700G0EDH6#GLYN01 WVGA with PCAP-Touch and sturdy cover glass

The most successful display family – Part 1:
Over half a million devices in use

Displays with different interfaces and short product life cycles are a challenge for developers and buyers.

The solution – The GLYN TFT family concept.
With over half a million displays in use, it has progressed to a standard.

Nearly 10 years ago a success story began in Europe, which for the first time offered a solution to the above-mentioned challenges.

Thanks to the cooperation between manufacturers, distributors and industrial companies, there is a standardised TFT family with diagonal sizes from 3.5” to 7.0”.


The most successful display family – Part 2:
5 good reasons why the industry uses this standard...


The GLYN TFT family concept was launched onto the market almost 10 years ago. It is the most successful display family with over half a million devices in use.

What is the secret of its success?

This family offers a solution for challenges faced by developers on a daily basis. Five of these solutions are listed below.

  1. Only one voltage
  2. Only one connector
  3. Compatibility within the family
  4. LEDs easy to dim
  5. Good availability



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