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That TIANMA is listed among the world's top 5 leading manufacturers in the display sector!

Here you get the opportunity to get to know TIANMA, our new industry display supplier:
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Up to 1,000 cd/m² brightness with a wide viewing angle:
New TFT Outdoor Professionals by SGD perform well in bright environments

One connector, one interface, one voltage!

The two new 7“ [17.8 cm] TFTs by Solomon Goldentek Display (SGD) expand our popular TFT family interface range to include high brightness.

The GST70TNED1E13V achieves a brightness of 800 cd/m² at a supply voltage of 3.3 V. It is therefore well suited to image presentation in very bright environments.


The ACLAVIS® CoM base board measures just 100 x 65 mm! The simple route to an industrial mini-computer

This industrial grade CoM base board keeps you capable and flexible.
Simply exchange the CoM module with a single click!

The ACLAVIS® CoM baseboard offers you this functionality using just 100 x 65 mm build size!

Combined with the Ka-Ro TX CoM modules, it becomes a very cost-effective mini-computer!

You can combine the baseboard with all CoM modules in the TX range in any way you like.
It works over a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.
This base board only needs a power supply of 5 V


The most successful display family –
Part 1:
Over half a million devices in use

Displays with different interfaces and short product life cycles are a challenge for developers and buyers.

The solution – The GLYN TFT family concept.
With over half a million displays in use, it has progressed to a standard.

Nearly 10 years ago a success story began in Europe, which for the first time offered a solution to the above-mentioned challenges.

Thanks to the cooperation between manufacturers, distributors and industrial companies, there is a standardised TFT family with diagonal sizes from 3.5” to 7.0”.


The most successful display family –
Part 2:
5 good reasons why the industry uses this standard...

The GLYN TFT family concept was launched onto the market almost 10 years ago. It is the most successful display family with over half a million devices in use.

What is the secret of its success?

This family offers a solution for challenges faced by developers on a daily basis. Five of these solutions are listed below.

  1. Only one voltage
  2. Only one connector
  3. Compatibility within the family
  4. LEDs easy to dim
  5. Good availability


Industrial CoM baseboard, now available as a starter kit:
Get started with the ACLAVIS® CoM quick starter sets

Change the performance class with a single click:

The popular ACLAVIS® CoM baseboards are now available as a starter kit.

The two baseboards designed for serial use are now available as an ACLAVIS® CoM quick starter set:

  • Version with LVDS display interface
  • Version for connecting the GLYN TFT family concept

Powerful “engine” for quick starts
We have selected two powerful COM modules as “engines” for the starter kits. Both are based on the i-mx6 family from NXP and have a powerful graphics coprocessor such as the TX6S-8035 with 512 Mbyte RAM and 4 GByte eMMC for the ACLAVIS-TTL starter kit. The ACLAVIS-LVDS starter kit comes with a TX6U-8033 Dual Core module with 1 GByte RAM and 4 GByte eMMC.


The most successful display family –
Part 3:
Durable yet innovative –
this is how it can be achieved!

Durability and reliability are esteemed virtues in the display business.

They make the life of buyers and developers much easier. Nobody wants to continually deal with the issue of discontinuations.

On the other hand, innovation is important. The market is changing and products are continuously improved. Developers want to ensure that their application is not overtaken by those of their competitors and market shares are lost.

How does the GLYN display family come off here?