TX6DL-Datasheet (PDF, 999 KB)

Artikelnr. Prozessor CPU-Cores max. Takt RAM Flash Temperaturbereich TFT-IF Auflösung
TX6U-8030 i.MX6U7 2 800 MHz 1024 MB 128 MB von -40 bis 85°C TTL 1920 X 1200
TX6U-8130 i.MX6U7 2 800 MHz 1024 MB 128 MB von -40 bis 85°C LVDS 1920 X 1200
TX6U-8033 i.MX6U7 2 800 MHz 1024 MB 4 GB eMMC von -40 bis 85°C LVDS 1920 X 1200
TX6U-8133 i.MXU7 2 800MHz 1024MB 4GB von -25 bis 85°C LVDS 1920 X 1200

Computer On Module

  • Processor Freescale i.MX 6Dual-Lite, 800 MHz
  • ROM 128MB NAND Flash
  • RTC DS1339 Real Time Clock or RTC i.MX6S
  • Power supply Single 3.1V to 5.5V
  • Size 31mm SO-DIMM
  • Temp.-Grade Industrial -40°C..85°C

Key Features

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet IEEE1588 support
  • Two High Speed USB 2.0 ports
  • Full HD LCD controller
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware accelerator
  • Multi-format HD 1080p video decoder and 720p video encoder hardware engine
  • Two Camera Interfaces
  • NEON MPE coprocessor
    • SIMD Media Processing Architecture
    • NEON register file with 32x64-bit general-purpose registers
    • NEON Integer execute pipeline (ALU, Shift, MAC)
    • NEON dual, single-precision floating point execute pipeline (FADD, FMUL)
    • NEON load/store and permute pipeline
  • Unified 512kByte L2 cache Vector Floating Point Unit
  • Several interfaces: 3x UART, 2x SDIO, 2x SSI/AC97/I2S, I2C, CSPI, Keypad, Ext. Memory I/F
  • Two CAN interfaces
  • 3.3V I/O

Operating Systems

  • Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Windows Embedded Compact 2013
  • Linux / Yocto based Linux
  • Android by kernel concepts
  • QNX by SITRE

TX6 Series at a Glance

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Single ARM
Single ARM

Dual ARM

Quad ARM
Cortex-A7 Cortex-A9 Cortex-A9 Cortex-A9
@ 528 MHz @ 800 MHz @ 800 MHz @ 1 GHz
Cache: Cache: Cache: Cache:
128 KB L2 512 KB L2 512 KB L2 1 MB L2
Neon Neon Neon Neon
VFPvd16 VFPvd16 VFPvd16 VFPvd16
Trustzone Trustzone Trustzone Trustzone
  3D graphics
with one shader
2D graphics
3D graphics with one shader
2D graphics
3D graphics with four shaders
2D graphics engines
16-bit DDR3 16/32-bit DDR3 64-bit DDR3 64-bit DDR3
Integrated SATA-II