i.MX8M KI-Quadcore Power on 29 x 29 mm:
Ka-Ro QSX computer-on-modules for soldering on


More memory, more performance, more intelligence!

The new CoM solder modules of the QSX series from Ka-Ro offer you 3 times "more".

These are equipped with the i.MX8M Mini or with the brand new i.MX8M Plus processor from NXP.

Up to 8 GByte eMMC in the smallest of spaces
As usual with Ka-Ro, these solder modules are also compatible with the existing 27 x 27 mm modules. LPDDR4 RAM is used in the new modules. This means that 2 GBytes of RAM and up to 8 GBytes of eMMC are currently available in the smallest possible space.


Flexible integration thanks to an exchangeable baseboard:
Into the auto-insertion future with CoM solder-in modules


More and more MCU designs are moving towards SoC or CoM modules, which are integrated in an exchangeable carrier board or baseboard.

Developers increasingly prefer to use solder-in modules to meet the growing demands.

One reason is the need for modern communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB or PCIe. TFTs that need to be controlled and operated are also being used more and more frequently.


Computer on Module

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