BSP-Features (PDF, 126 KB)
List of drivers supported by the Linux and Windows
Embedded Board Support Packages

TX-Selection-Guide zu GLYN-CoM-Selection-Guide (PDF, 224 KB)
When seeking the perfect Computer on Module solution for your application, it's important to consider the best matching feature set for your.

TX-Hardware Guide (PDF, 1,46 MB)
Hardware description of the TX standard and carrier board implementation guidelines

TX6Q Quad Cortex A9 TX6Q-Datasheet (PDF, 1,16 MB)
TX6DL Dual Cortex A9 TX6DL-Datasheet (PDF, 945 KB)
TX53 1,2GHz Cortex A8 TX53-Datasheet (PDF, 1,23 MB)
TX51 800MHz Cortex A8 TX51-Datasheet (PDF, 8,27 KB)
TX48 720MHz Cortex A8 TX48-Datasheet (PDF, 598 KB)
TX28 454 MHz ARM9 TX28-Datasheet (PDF, 943 KB)
TX28S 454 MHz ARM9 TX28S-Datasheet (PDF, 1,10 MB)
TX27 400MHz TX27-Datasheet (PDF, 1,01 MB)
TX25 400MHz TX25-Datasheet (PDF, 634 KB)

TK71 QSEVEN Dual Gigabit Ethernet TK71-Datasheet (PDF, 1,47 MB)

TMPA900 CPU Board TMPA900-Datasheet (PDF, 3,26 MB

Computer on Module

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