8 TB M.2 Industrial SSD - First-in-Class!
Now double capacity in small form factor M.2 2280


Storage capacity without end - on an 8 TB SSD, for example, you can store around 800 Full HD movies with a length of 2 hours each. And even in the popular M.2 2280 form factor!

This is now also possible for the first time with SSDs in industrial specifications!

For this purpose, the manufacturer EXASCEND has doubled the capacity of its compact M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 SSDs. Especially in this form factor this was not possible until now and is currently unique!

How do Exascend's industrial SSDs manage the 8TB maximum capacity?

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Test KINGSTON Design-In DDR4 Memory:
Robust against Rowhammer Attacks


Cyber attacks via installed software - we counter this danger in our daily use of PCs, laptops and smartphones with up-to-date software updates and antivirus programs.

But what if the danger comes not from the software, but from the hardware?

Cyber attacks via installed DRAMs and DRAM modules. Serious security holes in these memories are currently shocking the hardware industry. The hackers use a bit error triggered by "hammering" to hijack the hardware.

Problem unsolved for 10 years


We double the capacity!
With 16 TB of storage capacity, Xmore® doubles the storage in a 2.5" SSD


Data loggers are typical applications with a hunger for huge data storage. This is because the more data that can be recorded continuously, the longer the operating time of the data logger.

In these projects, when we ask the question, "What capacity do they need?" we usually get the answer, "The biggest they have!". These are now our 16 TB 2.5'' SATA SSDs from the Xmore®.


XFMEXPRESS - New Embedded and Removable Storage Device:
XFM the new JEDEC standard


The abbreviation XFM stands for Cross (X) Over Flash Memory.

This new flash memory form factor was approved as a new official memory standard in 2021 under the specification "JEDEC XFM Device 1.0".

The inventor of flash technology KIOXIA (formerly TOSHIBA) is now introducing the industry's first XFM memory to the market. The NVMe removable memory with PCIe interface is available with capacities from 128 GB to 1 TB. At 14 × 18 × 1.4 mm (L×W×H), the small memory module is only minimally larger than the universally known microSD card.


Endurance matters:
Up to 2X for SD and micro SD cards!


Designed for write-intensive applications. Designed with high endurance, low latency for long-life data storage. The new SD/microSD Card series S650 and S750 from ATP achieve real top values. This becomes especially clear in direct comparison with cards of the same configuration:

  • 1.6 times higher endurance in native 3D triple-level cell (TLC) mode
  • 2 times higher endurance in pseudo single-level cell (pSLC) mode

The SD or microSD cards meet the needs of dashcams and digital video recorders (DVRs) as well as surveillance systems, autonomous vehicles and other demanding applications. The memory cards are built for the rigors of non-stop video recording.


Offers more than meets the eye! Xmore SSDs in pseudoSLC mode from -40 °C to 85 °C


"An extended temperature range at the C-temp. price would be a real benefit for us!"
This - or something similar - is what we hear very often from our customers.
We take our customers' concerns very seriously and we check how we can implement such requests. After long research and many internal test rounds, we can offer you such an option! So you no longer have to cut back on the temperature range if the budget is tight.


Live Online Seminar:
ABLIC - High-accuracy semiconductors for greater safety in implementing Industry 4.0


What do you understand by the term "Industry 4.0"?
You may have wondered what this meant at trade fairs almost 10 years ago.

Industry 4.0 = Digitalization or the Intelligent networking of machines and processes.