New chip generation at the start:
Reduce your system costs with GaN components from TRANSPHORM


GaN components from TRANSPHORM enable you to build highly efficient power supplies, charging stations for electric vehicles and solar inverters.

The manufacturer launched its first generation of 600 V GaN components back in 2013.
The technology used and patented by TRANSPHORM offers SuperGaN components for a fast-growing power market.

The components, which are basically qualified to JEDEC standards, are manufactured in high-volume production facilities in Japan. TRANSPHORM's current product portfolio covers the 650 V and 900 V voltage ranges with generally used housing variants.

The GaN Revolution from TRANSPHORM
In general, there is a high demand for discrete components which can deliver 5 kW+ of power in applications. The manufacturer's GaNs are successfully used e.g. in power supplies for data centres, string inverters for renewable energy sources or on-board chargers in electric vehicles.


Versions with 650 V and 900 V

Useful information about design and technology
The high-voltage D-mode GaN HEMTs are effectively scaled and integrate the low-voltage E-mode Si MOSFET. This forms a high-power cascode switch. This integration combines the high performance of the GaN HEMT with the simple control of an Si MOSFET.

The outcome of this is "the best of both worlds" in an industry-standard housing.
Conclusion: Other components such as chokes, coils and heat sinks can be reduced in size or even dispensed with altogether owing to the low switching losses and the possibility of the fast clocking of components.

The TRANSPHORM TP65H015G5WS is a GaN FET with 650 V rated output, a high switching threshold of 4 V and a turn-on resistance of less than 15 mΩ.

The TP90H050WS has just gone into series production. This is the second TRANSPHORM 900 V component on the market after the TP90H180PS. The power transistor with a typical RDSon of only 50 mOhm delivers ± 20 V gate robustness in a standard TO-247 housing.
It thereby increases the reliability and design capability for e.g. power supply systems, battery chargers or energy storage systems.

The combination of the high-speed GaN and the thermally robust TO-247 housing enable a system efficiency level of more than 99 percent to be achieved while generating up to 10 kW of power in typical half-bridge configurations with bridgeless totem pole power factor correction (PFC).

Intrinsic GaN performance advantages over silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC):

  • GaN has superior material properties
  • GaN offers higher efficiency with minimum losses
  • GaN can operate at much higher frequencies

Relative cost benefits of GaN:

  • GaN is less expensive than SiC
  • GaN offers lower total system costs than Si

Tip for simple control of the GaNs –
Simple, safe and long-term control with SILICON LABS gate drivers

The GaN module provides faster switching transitions and 2 times lower switching losses than a competing SiC MOSFET through the use of a simple gate driver, such as the SILICON LABS Si827xxx. The 4 A ISOdriver recommended by GLYN has a high transient immunity (dv/dt) of up to 200 kV/µs and is certified to UL1577 and VDE0884. In general,
all TRANSPHORM GaN components can be easily and safely controlled with gate driver ICs.

The current global overview of available and planned TRANSPHORM GaN components can be downloaded here.

The SILICON LABS data sheet of the recommended gate driver component Si827xxx is available here.

We will be pleased to clarify your application-specific requirements in a face-to-face discussion. Our specialists and those of the manufacturers are at your disposal for this purpose.

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