It comes in a compact SOT23 housing and requires an operating current of just 1.6 mA:
The new Hall switch family from TDK for cost- and space-sensitive applications


Today, heavy demands are made on even the smallest components in cost-sensitive applications.

The Micronas HAL 14xy Hall switch family lets TDK offer a variety of technical advantages at a low price to meet these higher requirements:

  • A high magnetic switching accuracy (see the table)
  • A low current consumption ~1.6 mA
  • A wide supply voltage range of 2.7 V – 24 V
  • A high interference immunity to ESD pulses up to 8 kV (HBM)

The Hall switches can be used in applications such as household appliances, computer equipment or electrical machines.

All members of the HAL 14xy family can manage with an extremely low operating current of typically 1.6 mA. They therefore meet the increased requirements in terms of low current consumption and offer high energy efficiency in combination with the minimal 2.7 V supply voltage.

All sensors of the HAL 14xy family can be operated with a maximum supply voltage of 24 V. They also provide overcurrent protection of up to 28 V and resist ESD impulses up to 8 kV (HBM).

Currently available versions (as of 01/12/2020):

HAL1401SU Bon = 0,4 mT Boff = - 0,4 mT
HAL1402SU Bon = 2,5 mT Boff = - 2,5 mT
HAL1405SU Bon = 13,5 mT Boff = -13,5 mT

Further versions will follow.

The HAL 14xy family comes in a very small SOT23 housing with a footprint and design according to JEDEC standards for easy design-in and is available ex-stock from GLYN.

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