"Smart action" for the State Technical Academy Weilburg
Smart Embedded® Display Starterkits for Research and Development


Simple operation as via the familiar smartphone.

"Normally, companies have to assemble several components themselves for HMI (human-machine interface) projects. For example, display and touch system, decorative glass, power supply, control and cabling. The use of Smart Embedded® Displays enables companies to save an enormous amount of time in the development of an HMI, is how Manuel Krause and Tobias Heep from GLYN explain the demands on a modern operating system for machines and devices.

Smart Embedded® Displays are intelligent and highly integrated modules with many interfaces. Here, all necessary components for controlling the display as well as touch panels are already integrated and coordinated with each other.

To give prospective technicians and engineers at the Staatliche Technikakademie Weilburg quick access to this technology, they handed over two Smart Embedded® starter kits for study purposes in class to Jörg Kranz, Sebastian Philippi, Eckhard Muser, Stefan Fischer and Wolfgang Schmidt.

The students can create an individual user interface in just a few steps using the TouchGFX GUI Designer. Thanks to the TouchGFX framework, the C++ code is automatically generated in the background. In this way, for example, measured values and experimental setups can be visualised in a simple way.


You can find more information about the Smart Embedded Display solution here.


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