TOSHIBA Photovoltaic Coupler:
Contactless, wear-free switching at 5,000 V insulation voltage


Ideal for switching large DC currents.
Photovoltaic couplers take up where solid-state relay ICs reach their limits in terms of dielectric strength and current carrying capacity.

In a photovoltaic output optocoupler, the light emitted by an IR LED is received by a photodiode array (PDA) and converted into an output voltage.

Construction of MOSFET gate drivers
PV Couplers are used to build galvanically isolated MOSFET gate drivers that do not require an external secondary power supply. Typical applications include discrete power MOSFET-based solid-state relays (SSRs) and "floating" H-side switches. In this way, one MOSFET can switch direct voltages and two MOSFETs in a common-source circuit can also switch alternating voltages in an isolated manner.

Simplified realisation with TOSHIBA TLP3910

Due to the higher driver and isolation voltage, this product facilitates the quasi-static driving of power FETs with high current carrying capacity and dielectric strength. The series connection of several couplers (e.g. 2 x TLP390x) is no longer necessary.


High driver voltage

14 V - High-Voltage Gate-Drive (min.) @ IF = 12 mA

Operating temperature

- 40 °C to 125 °C

High reliability


Short switching times

tON = 0,3 ms; tOFF = 0,1 ms (typ.)

High insulation voltage

5.000 V

Fig. 1: Typical COM. source MOSFET RELAY application: comparison of 2x TLP390X vs. 1x TLP3910

The TLP39X series in comparison

Type TLP3905 TLP3906 TLP3910
  TLP3905 TLP3906 TLP3910
Package 4pin SO6 4pin SO6 SO6L
VOC (min.) 7 V 7 V 14 V
ISC (min.)@125°C 12 μA 12 μA 26 μA
IF (typ.) - 12 mA 12 mA
BVs (min.) 3750 Vrms 3750 Vrms 5000 Vrms
ton (typ.) 0,3 ms 0,2 ms 0,3 ms
toff (typ.) 1 ms 0,3 ms 0,1 ms
Top -40 bis 125 °C -40 bis 125 °C -40 bis 125 °C


Photovoltaic couplers are ideal in all applications where solid-state relay ICs reach their limits in terms of dielectric strength and current carrying capacity. In combination with powerful MOSFETs as switches, they offer an extremely reliable replacement for electromechanical relays. Typical fields of application are in automation technology (PLC, I/O cards), photovoltaics, measurement technology...

Advantages of an SSR consisting of PV coupler and MOSFET(s):

  • much longer service life and switching cycles - virtually wear-free
  • higher switching speed (mech. inertia of an armature is eliminated)
  • no contact bounce
  • noiseless switching
  • lower power consumption in the control circuit
  • Ideal for switching large DC currents (no arcing - interference)

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