Memory + GLYN = WIN:
Design-in memory modules for every application


Reliable main memories have been a "speciality" of ours for over 40 years.

Whether SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4: we are happy to support you in the design-in process with the right module for your application.

With the manufacturers ATP, Kingston and Xmore®, we offer you an almost complete range of memory modules. We give your application exactly what it needs.


From metering to smarthome to industry:
five good reasons for using photo relays


From safety applications to PLC industrial control and e-mobility charging stations.
Even smaller, even quieter and for higher currents.

Wherever galvanic isolation between control and operating circuit is required, photo relays are used.


Compatible alternative to MITSUBISHI displays - Available now from GLYN


The manufacturer MITSUBISHI has discontinued its TFT production.
All products were discontinued at the beginning of 2021.

Are you looking for a suitable successor?
We can offer you one with immediate effect in the form of the EDT 30 series.

EDT's new display series currently includes TFT displays in the sizes 8.4'', 10.4'' and 12.1'' in XGA resolution and with LVDS interface.


Powered via Power-over-Ethernet:
Embedded PC Boxer-8521AI delivers 4 TOPS AI computing power


AI Edge Computing exactly where you need it.

With the AAEON BOXER-8521AI, you can do just that.
The embedded PC has a PoE-PD port that allows you to install and operate your system at a great distance from the power source.

The BOXER-8521AI combines the flexibility of PoE-PD with the fast Google® Edge™ TPU in a robust, fanless system.


From MCU to SoC scalable IoT solution from SILICON LABS


The 32-bit MCUs of the EFM32PG22 family from SILICON LABS are ideal for IoT applications with extremely low power consumption at high performance.

The MCU-only solution offers you the perfect entry into the wireless SoC platform.

As a pure microcontroller solution without RF part, they are 100% software and pin compatible with the SoC variants of the EFR32xG22 series.



TMR sensor IC as reed switch replacement:
ABLIC S-5701 B-series requires only 160 nA current


Robust replacement for reed switches:

This is what ABLIC Inc. offers with its surface-mountable TMR sensor IC (Tunnel Magneto Resistance) S-5701 B-series. This magnetic sensor IC offers a very low operating current of only 160 nA combined with high magnetic sensitivity and a long service life.

We have compared the limitations of the reed switch with the advantages of the TMR sensor IC.