TLC or pSLC - You define the P/E cycle yourself:
ATP pSLC NAND Flash SSDs in the A700Pi / E700Pi series


ATP calls it the  "Premium Line".

With this generation of SSDs you select the appropriate endurance (life cycle). You select the P/E cycle. This option allows you to address a wide range of industrial applications.

How does that work?
The A700Pi/E700Pi Series uses new ATP-developed firmware and  supporting mass production infrastructure. This once again demonstrates ATP’s commitment to deliver optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) value for its customers as storage demands of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge computing, and other high-reliability applications continue on the upsurge.

Until now, ATP only provided firmware developments for larger and strategic projects. "Redesigning the product firmware, production testing and operational processes enables the manufacturer to tailor more products to a broader customer base, including those with smaller project volumes.

The best endurance and reliability, for all capacities
Premium Line storage solutions are purpose-built for applications that require uncompromising endurance and reliability at lower user capacities. These embedded flash storage devices are configured with pseudo single-level cell (pSLC) to extend the general endurance to more than 10 times of the same triple-level cell (TLC) products. The pSLC technology dramatically improves the sustained write performance and reliability of the drives, making them suitable for write-intensive applications. By storing only 1 bit per cell, Premium Line solutions drive down TCO with longer service life using the most cost-effective NAND flash technology available.

Lower cost per TBW / DWPD
The pSLC mode offers the best TCO value in terms of cost per TBW / DWPD. ATP’s Premium Line uses advanced controller and firmware technologies to make sure that the offerings meet and even exceed the endurance requirements of demanding applications.

Read the specifications here: 

Flash Modus Pseudo SLC (pSLC) 3D TLC Pseudo SLC (pSLC) 3D MLC & TLC
Article description A700Pi A600Pi E700Pi E300Si
Interface SATA III e.MMC
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C
Form factor   M.2 2280 M.2 2242 mSATA 2,5"   M.2 2280 M.2 2242 mSATA 2,5" 153-ball FBGA
Capacity Max. Endurance* Max. Endurance* Max. Endurance* Max. Endurance*
80 GB 3.200 TB 240 GB 698 TB 21 GB 296 TB 64 GB (TLC) 27 TB
160 GB 6.400 TB 480 GB 1.396 TB 64 GB 1.320 TB 64 GB (MLC) 412 TB
320 GB 12,800 TB     12.800 TB 960 GB 2.792 TB   128 GB (MLC) 824 TB
640 GB     25.600 TB 1920 GB       5.585 TB        

*The stated values may vary for different capacities.
Further technical information and release samples are available on request.

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