LoRa® quickly implemented:
with the powerful LoRa® gateway card from LAIRD CONNECTIVITY


Ideal for all types of campus network and perfect for the reliable transmission of remote sensor data in the Internet of Things.

The scalable and robust Sentrius™ RG1xx-M2 LoRa® gateway solution from LAIRD CONNECTIVITY enables you to operate end-to-end encryption of your LoRaWAN network comfortably, securely and worldwide.

Fully certified with multi-protocol connectivity, this gateway card also offers dual-band WLAN and wired Ethernet for your design.

Three Semtech chips are integrated in the 75 x 53 x 3.8 mm PCB. These provide a range of 16 km (10 miles) in the LoRaWAN network. The Sentrius™ RG1xx-M2 is quickly integrated and ready for use. It is compatible with all Cloud and Lora partners, third-party vendors and client devices.

Integration in the in-house Linux platform
The Sentrius RG1xxM2 card enables integration of a high-performance, certified LoRaWAN gateway interface in any Linux-based platform. The optimum hardware solution from LAIRD CONNECTIVITY extends the Semtech drivers and reference design for improved RF performance.

LoRa® quickly implemented
The goal is to set up a robust connection between a central data concentrator (gateway) and as many wireless endpoints as possible over a long distance. This system can be used e.g. for networking metering applications. The sub-GHz signals are characterised by a high penetration of buildings. The Sentrius™ RG1xx-M2 card can ensure this even over long distances due to its sensitivity of down to -140 dBm.

The Semtech SX1257 chips (EU version) form the highly integrated RF front-end for digital modulation/demodulation. The SX1257 is designed for the 862 to 870 MHz frequency range. A Semtech SX1301 (EU version) operates downstream. This digital baseband chip with its signal processing engine is able to interpret several LoRa® packets in parallel on random channels with a random spreading factor. The eight LoRa® channels (0 to 7) can be monitored in parallel in this combination.

A brief summary of the key features:

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