Already designed for SiC technology:
The new MITSUBISHI IGBT LV100 series sets the housing standard of the future

This could be the feedback of development engineers who are already preparing for a future change of their application to SiC technology.

The new housing concept of the MITSUBISHI IGBT LV100 series is absolutely future-proof and therefore compatible with this plan. The multi-sourcing concept was implemented during the development. In other words, the developers have an easy way of switching to SiC technology at a later date. The housing is also compatible with the form factor of other manufacturers.

With module dimensions of only 140 x 100 mm, the LV100 series is currently offered for DC link voltages of 1200 V and 1700 V and currents of 800 A and 1200 A. A 1400 A variant is in the planning stage. A feasibility study is currently being conducted for modules for higher DC link voltages.


The LV100 series has significant technical advantages over the so-called PrimePackTM* modules of other manufacturers. The advantage of the MITSUBISHI modules lies in the internally symmetrical design and the very low inductances.

The full current range of the modules can be used in 3-level systems with A-NPC topology.

You can also directly implement a simple parallel connection of 4-6 modules with a significant increase in performance. You can build a scalable power platform based on only one housing concept for typical applications such as motor control systems and renewable energy.


Perfect fit – Suitable driver solution available

TAMURA offers a Plug & Play gate driver unit for the new LV100 series. The gate driver solution was developed and tested in close cooperation between MITSUBISHI and TAMURA. A driver solution with a master-slave variant can be used for the parallel connection of several modules. This helps you to simplify the structure and the control of the modules.

We will be pleased to advise you on the different modules of the MITSUBISHI LV100 series and the appropriate gate driver solutions from TAMURA. Both manufacturers are at your disposal for technical questions and possible (video) meetings.


*: PrimePackTM is a trademark or registered trade mark of Infineon Technologies AG 

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