LoRa® quickly implemented:
with the powerful LoRa® gateway card from LAIRD CONNECTIVITY


Ideal for all types of campus network and perfect for the reliable transmission of remote sensor data in the Internet of Things.

The scalable and robust Sentrius™ RG1xx-M2 LoRa® gateway solution from LAIRD CONNECTIVITY enables you to operate end-to-end encryption of your LoRaWAN network comfortably, securely and worldwide.

Fully certified with multi-protocol connectivity, this gateway card also offers dual-band WLAN and wired Ethernet for your design.



Compact plug-and-play board solution with i.MX8:
MiTAC presents strong ARM innovations


MiTAC starts its i.MX8 offensive with two "strong-ARMs":

  • Direct use as a ready-made 2.5" board solution with i.MX8 CPU
    or in a compact housing
  • Industrial interfaces
  • 7+ years availability

You shorten your development time because you can dispense with the usual implementation of a baseboard for CoM module solutions. And a new development will only be necessary after 7 years - thanks to long-term availability.



Reliable for up to 60 years at full load:
Digital isolators as an alternative to optocouplers


Three "Highs" on digital isolators from SILICON LABS:

  • High reliability – 60 years at full load
  • High interference immunity CMTI –
    up to 200 kV/µs
  • High speed up to 150 Mbit/s

The manufacturer offers a broad portfolio to meet the challenge of digital isolation. SILICON LABS offers, e.g., isolated drivers or isolated analogue components. These meet the requirements for established international safety certifications such as UL, VDE, CSA, CQC and many more.
An AEC-Q100 qualification is available for automotive applications.


Already designed for SiC technology:
The new MITSUBISHI IGBT LV100 series sets the housing standard of the future


This could be the feedback of development engineers who are already preparing for a future change of their application to SiC technology.

The new housing concept of the MITSUBISHI IGBT LV100 series is absolutely future-proof and therefore compatible with this plan. The multi-sourcing concept was implemented during the development. In other words, the developers have an easy way of switching to SiC technology at a later date. The housing is also compatible with the form factor of other manufacturers.



TLC or pSLC - You define the P/E cycle yourself:
ATP pSLC NAND Flash SSDs in the A700Pi / E700Pi series


The manufacturer has deliberately called them "Premium Line".

You select the appropriate endurance (life cycle) with this generation of SSDs. This allows you to address a wide range of industrial applications. In other words, you define the P/E cycle yourself.

How does that work?
You use the new firmware developed by ATP and your own infrastructure for the complete production process. The manufacturer has set itself the goal of offering its customers the best possible TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), as memory requirements in the area of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), edge computing and other sophisticated applications are constantly increasing.