Safety - Our contribution in 3 pillars of action.

As already mentioned in the last newsletter about COVID-19, it is of great importance to us to make our contribution towards containing the virus. We assume responsibility for all employees, for the social environment and also for you as customers. This is why we have implemented various measures, which we are constantly adding to and optimising.

We are focusing on three different pillars here:

1. "Social Distancing" is one of the most effective measures against the spread of the virus


We are putting this measure into practice mainly by means of an intelligent form of digitisation. Meetings or calls on customers become video calls and the sitting room an office in the form of mobile working. The measures include transfer zones for the non-contact delivery of internal post, or the separation of company buildings and teams in terms of personnel, combined with virtual contact: We are continuously working on guaranteeing as much safety as possible and promoting virtual social exchange in the process.

2. Hygiene is now recommended more than ever by leading virologists.

We are also taking this pillar of prevention extremely seriously and have installed comprehensive disinfection and cleaning measures in all highly frequented areas of the company. Building entrances have been provided with Sterillium, the toilets with disinfectant soap and the bags of all employees with hand cleansing gel. A supply of mouth/nose masks has been secured. We also offer a tailored form of mobile working to employees at risk or with underlying health issues, as well as to employees with children.


3. Transparent communication is a valuable asset in these frantic times.


We gather information about new developments every day and pass on valid sector-specific information to employees, suppliers and customers. We do our best to react swiftly and appropriately to new proposals and rules of the experts and to communicate how we have implemented them at all times. In this way, we are doing our part in preventing misreporting and the resulting uncertainties.

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