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How we see and do things. Employee voices from the world of mobile working

We are currently increasingly focusing on mobile work and rolling teams in the office. This leads to some challenges, but also opens up many new opportunities. We asked our employees how the COVID-19 situation affects them for business and private reasons:


Bernd Haberzettl, Section Manager PR & Communication:

"Mobile working and managing the department in an area measuring 2.5 x 2 m. It works well and efficiently thanks to our fantastic IT department. I would also like to thank my family who leave me to work in peace. I'm extremely proud of my team, who always do their best no matter whether they are working at home or on site. Solidarity, help and community play a big role here: Sought-after toilet paper, liquid soap, milk – everybody thinks about the others when doing the shopping.

Away from work, I'm out and about a lot with a single cylinder. I make trips on our 60-year-old 13 HP Eicher tractor with my two boys."


Gerald Diehl, Senior Technical Account Manager DSS:

"The coronavirus crisis has also forced us to work from home to some extent. Even if this takes place temporarily from the kitchen in my case, I like this option a lot. Instead of visiting our customers, we are putting greater focus on video or telephone conferences.
Outside work, I have spent the time out in the fresh air at weekends to teach my small daughter to ride a bicycle."


Paulo Sousa, Business Manager Intern. Sourcing:

"In a time of SARS-CoV-2, our team (International Sourcing) has been divided into two groups.

Office and mobile working.

The idea is to continue to be available to our customers, suppliers and colleagues and thereby offer effective SUPPORT. SUPPORT is important to us – GLYN is SUPPORT – SUPPORT is RED.

'I get to work more quickly – I'm back again with the family more quickly."


LTR: Lorenz Payerhuber, Field Application Engineer and Robert Stojku, Sales Office Manager Austria and Eastern Europe

"In Austria we have the maxim "Look after yourself – look after me".

We must stick together more than ever here and not give up. An old proverb says
"You always meet twice in life". And I'm already looking forward to the second time,
when I can see my partner in person again.

Yes - the situation is very tense and cannot be compared with any of the situations which we are familiar with. We are focusing on transparency all the more so. For example, we publish manufacturer information on the "coronavirus" on our home page almost as soon as we receive it.

Digital communication media, no matter whether they are used in the mobile office or in the real office, enable us to be at the service of our partners. We can therefore maintain communication, in order to give everyone concerned the opportunity to stay in touch with us, to coordinate action and to enable the exchange of information."


Simon Kretzschmar, PR Officer Social Media Specialist

"The current situation demands a high degree of flexibility. Transparent and accurate reporting to customers and suppliers is essential, especially in the social networks. Fast, secure and reliable information transfer is more important than ever!

Outside work, the nice weather is currently giving me the opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance by hiking in the countryside."


Thomas Helmedach, Field and Technical Sales Engineer

"On the last day of the spring half-term holiday in Hamburg, we heard that the school would close until further notice.

This is a major problem when both parents work and have children aged six, eight and eleven.

My wife's job in the health care sector is systemically important and cannot be done from home.
I asked the company about mobile working first thing on Monday morning, and this was set up straight away without any complications."


Tobias Heep, Business Unit Manager Displays & System Solutions

"Coronavirus crisis!  We are also available to our customers and suppliers with our complete expertise during this time via mobile working.

We can cover the increased requirements for displays from the medical sector as usual with our SUPPORT and supply chain management for our customers."


Björn Quednau, Senior Commercial Account Manager

"I continue to hold the fort here in the company for 5 days a week and try to pass on my positive attitude to my customers, be attentive to their needs and anxieties and to help them with SUPPORT and positive words.

Although I'm not working in a home office, my daily life has changed as a result of the coronavirus. I take more time for the little things in life and have started to appreciate things more and not take them as a matter of course.

For example, I take a lot of time to cook healthy food with fresh ingredients, whereby I now eat healthier than before and am even gradually losing weight as a bonus, which is a nice secondary effect."


Sabine Geiß, Department Manager Administration


"Our work routine has changed to the effect that we have even closer telephone contact with our haulage contractors. As a result, we can reliably ship desperately needed goods from Asia to our customers in the medical sector in the quickest possible time.

Good communication and coordination are therefore the key to being able to deliver what is required in a time characterised by supply difficulties.


Outside work, we are unfortunately unable to visit our favourite wine taverns in the Rheingau region where we live, so we now have to drink the wine at home."

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