Who needs contact forums? 314 reliable contacts in the MXM 3.0 board edge connector


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YAMAICHI's 314-pin board edge connector reliably meets the contact requirements in the sphere of MXM 3.0.

The manufacturer has designed the connector's contacts to be extremely robust to ensure stable contact force, even in the event of vibrations and shocks. As a result, the spring characteristics of the contacts enable tolerance compensation for reliable data transmission.

The connector module is screwed to the side. You can therefore easily fold up the screw tabs to facilitate the insertion of the circuit board. After assembling the module, move the tabs into position and screw them to the module and connector from above. This keeps the module fixed firmly in place, even when exposed to vibrations and shock.

The enlarged SMT tabs function as a ground connection and SMT connection to the motherboard.

The connector comes with a 0.1-µm-thick layer of Au gold in the contact area.
It is packaged and shipped in T&R for mechanical assembly.

Too many contacts?
The MXM connector is also available in a 230-pin version.

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