No more loud "click-clack" noises during switching:
Four good reasons why you should use photo relays instead of mechanical relays


Electromechanical relays have been used for decades in many applications.

The electrical engineering "classic" is used as a solution as soon as safe isolation between control current and operating or load circuit is necessary.

Nevertheless, alternatives that prove to be better than the existing standard have established themselves in recent years.

Smaller, quieter and for higher currents

Photo relays from TOSHIBA do not wear, meaning that the problem of dry contacts is not applicable, and they can be directly controlled by a microcontroller without a driver circuit.

Four good reasons to change now. Because photo relays…

  1. …switch silently
  2. …are maintenance-free
  3. require up to 80% less space compared to mechanical relays
  4. are insusceptible to electromagnetic interference

In conjunction with the manufacturer, we have put together some selection guides and tips for a quick start here. These will help you to choose the right photo relay for your application.

Free explanatory video and eBook –
How are photo relays specified?

eBook (1,3 MB)
Operating principle and advantages of photo relays compared to mechanical relays

White paper - Integration of a photo relay in a thermostat

Whitepaper (1,90 MB)
Integration of a photo relay in a thermostat

Selection Guide (7,43 MB)

Get off to a quick start –
With the new TOSHIBA photo relay evaluation boards


Could a photo relay replace the mechanical relay in your application?
Simply try it out yourself!

You can choose between two evaluation boards which…

  1. …support a contact current of 2 A
  2. …support a contact voltage of 125 VAC/60 VDC
  3. …provide a direct replacement for generally used mechanical relays
  4. …simplify the evaluation of photo relays


Take advantage of our SUPPORT offer.
We will send you a free evaluation board on request.

Send us an e-mail with details of your application to the e-mail address stated below.
Free boards only available while supplies last!

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