Flexible integration thanks to an exchangeable baseboard:
Into the auto-insertion future with CoM solder-in modules


More and more MCU designs are moving towards SoC or CoM modules, which are integrated in an exchangeable carrier board or baseboard.

Developers increasingly prefer to use solder-in modules to meet the growing demands.

One reason is the need for modern communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB or PCIe. TFTs that need to be controlled and operated are also being used more and more frequently.

New and ever more powerful processors which have to be technically integrated in the hardware and software of the application are surging onto the market. This means a design challenge for many developers. Solder-in modules can considerably simplify the development here. They allow the customer to design and produce an in-house baseboard within a reasonable time.

In addition, extensive software SUPPORT in the form of a BSP (Board SUPPORT Package) is usually available to them.

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