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Which electronic component fits into your development in the long term?

How do you successfully, quickly and easily integrate peripherals such as displays, sensors, wireless, memory, USB, touch sensing or connectivity in your application?

From the product idea until far beyond the series production...


The Industrial Master Boxers - Part 1:
MiTAC´s large MX1 and small MB1 for particularly harsh environments


It doesn't matter whether they are used in production, outdoors or on railways,

the two Boxer PCs of the new master series from MiTAC compete in different weight classes, but prove their worth in the same division as the "Extremely Rugged" ePCs.

For example, the high-performance MX1 and the compact MB1 have robust housings, which also withstand extreme environments. It doesn't matter whether they are used in extremely high temperatures or temperatures well below freezing, the two box PCs successfully meet the challenges of their environment.


Flexible integration thanks to an exchangeable baseboard:
Into the auto-insertion future with CoM solder-in modules


More and more MCU designs are moving towards SoC or CoM modules, which are integrated in an exchangeable carrier board or baseboard.

Developers increasingly prefer to use solder-in modules to meet the growing demands.

One reason is the need for modern communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB or PCIe. TFTs that need to be controlled and operated are also being used more and more frequently.


One connector, one cable –
one TFT family concept:
5.0 inch display now readable in sunlight from all angles


They are based on proven technology, which we have made even more reliable.

11 years of the GLYN TFT display family concept – well over 1,000,000 units are successfully in operation.

In response to many customer requests, we have now given the 5 inch version a major upgrade. We have made it brighter, more robust and even easier to read.


No more loud "click-clack" noises during switching:
Four good reasons why you should use photo relays instead of mechanical



Electromechanical relays have been used for decades in many applications.

The electrical engineering "classic" is used as a solution as soon as safe isolation between control current and operating or load circuit is necessary.

Nevertheless, alternatives that prove to be better than the existing standard have established themselves in recent years.

Smaller, quieter and for higher currents


Who needs contact forums? 314 reliable contacts in the MXM 3.0 board edge connector


For high-speed dating of information in the automotive sector.

YAMAICHI's 314-pin board edge connector reliably meets the contact requirements in the sphere of MXM 3.0.

The manufacturer has designed the connector's contacts to be extremely robust to ensure stable contact force, even in the event of vibrations and shocks. As a result, the spring characteristics of the contacts enable tolerance compensation for reliable data transmission.