With intelligent phase and speed control:
TOSHIBA controller and driver IC for BLDC motors


Electric motors are responsible for a large part of the world's energy consumption.
High energy-efficiency is therefore becoming increasingly important.

In data centres with ever larger server capacities, physically larger fans with higher speeds are required to dissipate excess heat.

To achieve high performance, small fans, vacuum cleaners and pumps operate at high speeds.

Against this background, TOSHIBA is presenting the TC78B027FTG, a new controller and driver IC (predriver) for the control of three-phase brushless DC motors.

Through the selection of external MOSFETs, the power is adapted to the current application.

Optimise energy efficiency by up to 20% with intelligent phase control

With InPAC (Intelligent Phase Control), the TC78B027FTG ensures that the motor voltage and current are always kept exactly in phase. This works automatically and reliably at any speed and load condition. The motor always runs at optimum efficiency.

A closed loop control method keeps the motor speed constant, even with load fluctuations. An external MCU is not required for speed control.

Flexible choice of motor
Another advantage of the TC78B027FTG is that it keeps the choice of motor flexible for you. Only one Hall sensor input is required. In this way, a motor with a single Hall sensor or a conventional motor with three Hall sensors can be used.

The controller also allows you to choose between an analogue or digital Hall signal to detect the rotor position.

Small housing saves space on the board

The TC78B027FTG is provided in a small VQFN24 housing (4 mm x 4 mm x 0.9 mm) and operates with a supply voltage between 5 V and 16 V. It can process either a PWM or an analogue input signal. The sinusoidal control ensures precise starting of the motor through a soft-start function.

Variant for lower outputs

The fully integrated TC78B025FTG is available for applications with lower motor currents up to 3.5 A at a maximum supply voltage of 16 V. It already contains the MOSFETs and can actuate motors directly.

Further information on both modules is available on request.

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