For the safe charging of lithium ion batteries:
NTC thermistors from TDK


Low weight and high energy density –

lithium ion batteries are an integral part of our everyday lives.

They are used in almost all consumer electronics devices.

They replace nickel-metal hydride batteries in battery-powered tools.

Instead of lead batteries, they function in energy storage systems and photovoltaic storage systems.

Constant monitoring and control of the cell temperature is essential:

  1. to maximise the battery life
  2. to ensure safety

If the battery temperature is too low, the charging rate slows down. An excessively high temperature reduces battery service life or, in extreme cases, even leads to fire or explosion.

NTC thermistors from TDK are therefore the key components in lithium ion batteries or battery systems. They quickly and reliably provide the temperature data required for optimum heat management during charging and discharging.

The right NTC thermistor of TDK can be quickly found using the following criteria:

  • Temperature precision
  • Temperature tolerance across the entire operating temperature range
  • Stable resistance temperature characteristic curves over the service life
  • Reaction time
  • Media resistance
  • Installation situation
  • Isolation voltage

With the M703 series, for example, a screw-on sensor with metal eyelet is available.

The S861 family is a miniature sensor with short response time and high measurement accuracy.

With its glass sleeve, the G1551 series is particularly heat-resistant and can be used for temperature measurements up to 260 °C.

Typ  R25 [Ω] ΔRR/RR No. of R/T characteristic B25/85 [K] B0/100 [K] B25/100 [K] Order Number
M703 M703 10 k ±2% 8016 3974 3946 3988 ±1% B57703M0103A017
S861  S861 10 k ±1% 8016 3974 3946 3988 ±1% B57861S0103A039
G1551 G1551 10 k ±2% 8307 3478 3450 3492 ±1% B57551G1103G000

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