"Flash of inspiration" for mesh networks:
SILICON LABS SoCs of the Gecko 2 series bring light into the dark...


Because they're especially good at it.
The Gecko 2 series from SILICON LABS is a powerful "light" for mesh networks.

The manufacturer's new SoC (System-on-Chip) series is specially optimized for network-powered IoT applications. Ideal for networked lighting, smart metering and gateways.

Tailor-made and pre-certified

Time-to-market is a key challenge and a potential competitive advantage for IoT product developers. The pre-certified xGM210x multi-protocol modules from SILICON LABS incorporate both RF design and protocol development. You can concentrate on the optimisation of your application. The modules are pre-certified for North America, Europe, Korea and Japan and minimise the time, cost and risk factors associated with global wireless certifications. Series 2 can therefore be specially adapted to your application requirements.

Outstanding RF performance for reliable connections

SILICON LABS designs its wireless components specially for the requirements of IoT applications, such as the presence of many devices in one network. High RF selectivity minimises the influence of interference from adjacent channels. This enables reliable operation especially in applications with many sources of interference, for example, the Smart Home area.

xGM210P The universal modules



The Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Thread Multiprotocol modules for xGM210P feature a very small and optimized form factor with integrated chip antenna. Broad-based modules score particularly well in space-restricted IoT designs, intelligent lighting systems, modern air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems and future-proof building and factory automation systems.

xGM210L Lighting module



The xGM210L modules extend the xGM210P module features with a PCB trace antenna. The special PCB design takes up the current form factors for LED lamps. The form factor and the PCB trace antenna maximise the wireless range. An extended temperature range, comprehensive global approvals and low active power consumption support your application. With this module, SILICON LABS offers the perfect wireless solution for cost-optimised, high-volume applications such as intelligent LED light bulbs.

Focus on IoT security –
Dedicated security core


Crypto hardware

  • Faster and more energy-efficient
  • AES (128/192/256)
  • SHA-1, SHA-2 (SHA-224/SHA256)
  • ECC (256-bit), ECDSA (256) and ECDH (p192, p256), HMAC,

True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

  • TRNG generates keys with high security
  • Compatible with NIST SP 800-90A/B/C and AIS-31

Secure boot with Root of Trust and Secure Loader

  • Protection against infiltration of malware
  • Operation only possible with authorised firmware

Secure debug with Lock/Unlock

  • Restrictive debug interface

Software and tools for rapid development


Figure: SLWSTK6102A – The starter kit for Gecko 2 wireless modules 

SLWSTK6102A is a powerful starter kit that includes hardware and support tools for prototyping wireless applications with MGM210P and BGM210P (xGM210P) modules.

The kit offers you the possibility to implement applications with Bluetooth, ZigBee,
Thread or multiprotocol solutions quickly and easily.

To get started with Simplicity Studio and Wireless Gecko Starter Kit, click here.


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