Solid State Drive (SSD) in an ultra-small form factor:
65 % smaller than an alternative M.2 solution


Very small "Industrial Only" storage solution – Extremely powerful with a bandwidth of up to 32 Gbit/s.

Measuring a mere 16 (L) x 20 (W) x 1.6 (H) mm, the N600Pi/N600Pc solid state drive (SSD) is the tiniest in ATP’s range of “Industrial Only” storage solutions. It is built to meet the ultra-portability and reliability requirements of ultra-compact Internet of Things (IoT) devices and embedded Systems.

Adopting the high-speed PCIe 3.0 interface x4 lanes and NVMe protocol, the ATP BGA SSD delivers up to 32 Gb/s bandwidth (8 Gb/s per lane). Packaged in 291-ball grid array (BGA), this small-but-powerful storage device comes in hefty capacities of 40/80/160 GB and are packed with advanced features to provide high-speed reliable storage in harsh environments such as in transportation, aerospace, smart factories, mining operations, steel fabrication and more.

You will find the 6 most important key features summarised here: 

  1. Vibration-Proof Storage. The ATP N600Pi/N600Pc Series SSD is a soldered-down solution, making it vibration-proof and able to withstand rigorous shaking.
  2. Enhanced SLC Mode. Improves the performance, reliability and endurance of the SSD by reducing the number of bits stored in each cell to one.
  3. Sustainable High Performance. The ATP firmware (FW) will maintain the “Steady State” condition to avoid huge performance drops that will adversely impact the system, thus optimizing best performance for application requests.
  4. Host Memory Buffer (HMB). Allows the host driver to allocate a portion of the system memory (DRAM) for the exclusive use of the SSD as cache for address mapping information and/or user data. With HMB, the SSD can overcome the limited memory capacity within the storage and thus optimize I/O performance without requiring the SSD to bring up its own DRAM.
  5. End-to-End Data Path Protection Technology. Provides error control throughout the entire data transfer path from the host system to the SSD and vice versa, thus ensuring data integrity and reliable data transfers.
  6. Optional Features
    Hardware Write Protect
    Hardware Quick Erase
    AES-256 Encryption
    TCG Opal 2.0

Further technical information and release samples are available on request.

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