Security has top priority! The Xmore® Secure and WORM Card


Prepare your devices today for the security needs of tomorrow!

Xmore® security solutions enable you to protect your application from modification and/or manipulation.

Important concern in the popular SD and microSD form factors
Especially SD and microSD cards are used in applications as external data memories. They are frequently used in areas such as POS systems, data loggers or automation technology. In particular these application areas special attention must be paid to data security and manipulability. Both now and in the future. Xmore® offers you two secure solutions for this: The Xmore® Secure Card and Xmore® WORM Card!

Made invisible as if by magic –
The Xmore® Secure Card
The Xmore® Secure Card offers you several options for protecting your data. You can conceal your data "as if by magic". The Xmore® Secure Card can be made permanently or temporarily invisible as desired. This means that the card is present in your application as normal when hidden, but no data carrier is visible from the outside. The functions in your application are implemented via an SDK (Software Development Kit).

Correct for now and eternity –
Xmore® WORM Card
The Xmore® WORM (Write Once Read Many) Card enables you to rule out deliberate or unintentional changes to your written data from the outset. The Xmore® WORM Card is ideal for applications with sensitive data such as finance, property protection, medical care and data archiving. Your data is like carved in stone.

Further information about our two "security-loving" card solutions is available on request! 

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