High capacity meets high speed:
32-Terabyte U.2 Solid State Drive (SSD) with PCIe Gen 3x4 interface


A container ship with a huge capacity as fast as a high-speed train.

This is our Xmore® U.2 SSD with a PCIe interface and a 2.5" form factor.

32-terabyte capacity with a transfer rate of 1.2 GB/s.

Increasing numbers of devices are designed for high data volumes.
Processing this immense amount of data, however, is anything but easy. It is essential that you not only increase the memory capacity but also scale up the bandwidth. Only then can you set the right the course for smooth interaction in your application.

With Xmore®, we now make SSD capacities up to 32 TB available to you in a 2.5" housing, so that you can effectively overcome these challenges. They are equipped with the high-speed PCIe Gen 3x4 interface and provide a consistent performance of approx. 1.2 GB/s over 99.9 % of the total capacity. With a power input of only 12 watts, the SSD is also extremely energy-efficient for mobile use.

 In short, with the Xmore® U.2, you can save your data in large quantities at high speed with an extremely low current consumption:

  • „  Available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 TB
  • „  In a robust 15-mm-tall metal housing
  • „  Samples can be supplied within a few weeks!

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