Fits like a made-to-measure suit! Get off to a perfectly tailored start with customised memories from Xmore®


We all know the problem.
A vast selection of off-the-peg clothing… but it doesn't fit perfectly in the vast majority of cases. Expensive alterations are required to make the purchased garment fit just the way you have in mind.

The same applies to memories.
The choice of products is enormous. Except they are not tailored to the requirements and specifications of your application in most cases.

There is an alternative – and it is also perfectly tailored to your requirements!

Xmore – has stood the test of time in industry for 20 years. Tailor-made memory solutions according to your technical and visual specifications. Meets the highest demands and requirements. 40 years of experience of our specialists have made it possible.

This is what you can expect from us! We SUPPORT you from the initial idea to the completed application. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions or challenges.

Unique – an unmistakeable memory product in your application
You can design your own label, as well as colour, laser or engrave the product in accordance with your CI specifications. Even specially designed housings are possible for selected form factors. For example, you can also offer your customers the custom memory solution as an accessory.

A significant impact on the "inner" values
Apart from customising the appearance of your individual memory device, you can also optimise its performance, enable/disable a feature or implement encryption via firmware customisation. 

Hardware customisations are also possible for some of our products: for example, hardware power fail protection, where the data in the host is backed up on the storage device in the event of a power failure. Your system can also be thermally optimised!

You can also provide the data storage medium with your content beforehand. This means that your storage device is already fully operational when you or your customers receive it.

Ask about YOUR personal storage device today!
We can implement this more easily with Xmore than you would have thought possible…

Industrial Memory Solutions

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