High capacity meets high speed:
32-Terabyte U.2 Solid State Drive (SSD) with PCIe Gen 3x4 interface


A container ship with a huge capacity as fast as a high-speed train.

This is our Xmore® U.2 SSD with a PCIe interface and a 2.5" form factor.

32-terabyte capacity with a transfer rate of 1.2 GB/s.

Increasing numbers of devices are designed for high data volumes.
Processing this immense amount of data, however, is anything but easy. It is essential that you not only increase the memory capacity but also scale up the bandwidth. Only then can you set the right the course for smooth interaction in your application.


Higher storage density, thanks to BiCS FLASH 3D technology:
KIOXIA e-MMC for industry


The demand for higher storage capacities is growing in all segments of the consumer and industrial markets. The demand for cost-optimised and technologically optimised storage solutions for the continuous development of competitive products is also increasing.

KIOXIA, formerly TOSHIBA Memory, is now offering its BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory technology in its e-MMC memory systems. Executed in the reliable charge trap cell structure, you obtain a cost-effective industrial solution for the JEDEC-standardised interface with long-term availability.

BiCS FLASH™ efficiently stores high data volumes


Fits like a made-to-measure suit! Get off to a perfectly tailored start with customised memories from Xmore®Fits like a made-to-measure suit! Get off to a perfectly tailored start with customised memories from Xmore®


We all know the problem.
A vast selection of off-the-peg clothing… but it doesn't fit perfectly in the vast majority of cases. Expensive alterations are required to make the purchased garment fit just the way you have in mind.

The same applies to memories.
The choice of products is enormous. Except they are not tailored to the requirements and specifications of your application in most cases.


Need for speed:
The fastest "industrial-only" DDR4 memory modules


Speed, speed and even more speed…

High-speed data processing, real-time analysis and data-driven decision-making. These are just some of the many characteristics of a changing industrial world.

The fastest DDR4 modules of the 3200 series from ATP take computing power to a new speed level:


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