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The PiezoListen™ loudspeakers from TDK are the world's thinnest loudspeakers with a thickness of only 0.49 mm.

Its small size means that the PiezoListen™ can be bonded directly to OLED and LCD displays as well as to the back of display panels. The sound is therefore output directly from the screen.

As a result, the loudspeaker can be easily integrated into existing applications without a sound outlet. This provides flexible acoustic solutions which do not require any changes to the external design.

The loudspeakers are ideal for commercial and medical applications, including televisions, surround sound systems, tablets, PCs, smartphones and automotive infotainment and audio systems.


The latest product, the PHUA3030-049B, can achieve a sound pressure of approximately 80 dB in a frequency range from 400 Hz to 20 kHz at a voltage of 24 Vpp.

The ultra-flat PiezoListen™ loudspeaker from TDK produces sound in a wider frequency range and with a higher output power in the lower range than conventional piezoelectric loudspeakers.

The following types are available: 

Picture Type Footprint
Overall height
Max. control voltage
Frequenzy range
Operating temperature
PHUA2010-049B PHUA2010-049B 20 x 10 0,49 24 1.000 to 20.000 -10 to 60   
PHUA3015-049B PHUA3015-049B 30 x 15
PHUA3030-049B PHUA3030-049B 30 x 30 400 to 20.000
PHUA6630-076B PHUA6630-076B 66 x 30 0,76 48


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