The GLYN Touch Display family is growing - robust, brilliant and universal


Reaching your goal quickly and easily thanks to standardisation:

The GLYN family concept offers touch displays with standardised interfaces: All the displays have the same connector and the same pin assignment. As a result, the application can grow with your requirements by simply replacing the display.

Only 3.3 V and 12 V are required as supply voltages. This means that the displays can be operated on all current embedded PCs. A customer-specific decorative panel can also be applied, ideal for preparing a robust and modern HMI design.

Brilliant and universal, also suitable for outdoor use

As is usual in IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), all the displays have a very wide viewing angle. The result is a brilliant picture on the one hand, and the user has the freedom to install the displays in both portrait and landscape format on the other. In addition, they offer high contrast, high brightness and a wide temperature range. This creates an even wider range of applications for the displays, e.g. also outdoors.

For excellent interference immunity

The touch signals are evaluated by means of touch controllers from ILITEK. These are particularly suitable for thicker glass panels. The high interference immunity of the touch controllers helps the user to pass EMC tests.

Also for smaller series

These standard products are available in lower quantities and are therefore suitable for smaller-scale projects. A customer-specific decorative panel can be applied from just a few hundred pieces.

The essential specifications of the two new GLYN displays at a glance:

Size 10,1“ (150 x 229,80 x 11,90 mm) 12,1“ (184 x 278 x 13,80 mm)
Panel type IPS IPS
Viewing angle 80°, 80°, 80°, 80° 88°, 88°, 88°, 88°
Resolution 1280 x 800 Pixel (WXGA) 1280 x 800 Pixel (WXGA)
LED-driver integrated integrated
Interface LVDS 6/8b LVDS 6/8b
Brightness 850 cd/m² 850 cd/m²
LED-lifetime 70.000 hours 50.000 Stunden
Temperature rage Operation: -20 bis 70 °C
Storage: -30 bis 80 °C
Operation: -20 bis 70 °C
Storage: -20 bis 80 °C

Suitable control unit including cable set

GLYN offers matching CoM modules and embedded PCs for controlling its displays, including a cable set if required.

Further information is available on request.


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