Reliable measurement of CO2 in the indoor air


The SENSIRION SCD30 is a sensor module for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and air quality applications.

A top-quality SENSIRION humidity and temperature sensor is used on the same module in conjunction with NDIR measuring technology for CO2 detection.

The NDIR principle makes use of the fact that CO2 molecules absorb infrared radiation in the 4.3 µm range. Other gas molecules absorb hardly any light in this wavelength.

Inside the sensor there is a light source that emits infrared light. Opposite the light source there is a sensor that measures the radiation intensity in the 4.3 µm range. A decrease in this radiation intensity is a reliable sign of the presence of CO2.


The sensor is designed to automatically compensate for long-term drifts thanks to the two-channel principle used to measure the carbon dioxide concentration. The very low module height enables easy integration in various applications. 

CO2 als Indikator für Luftqualität

Carbon dioxide is an important indicator of the quality of indoor air. It is a colourless, odourless and non-flammable gas which is one of the natural components of our air. It is practically imperceptible to the human sense organs.

Residential and office buildings have become more and more energy efficient thanks to new energy standards and better insulation, but air quality can deteriorate rapidly. Active ventilation is necessary to maintain a pleasant and healthy indoor climate and to ensure the well-being and productivity of the occupants.

However, CO2 is also used in many technical processes, from which it can escape into the air.

Here are a few examples:

  • CO2 is the gas most widely used in the operation of dispensing systems.
  • CO2 is used as a natural refrigerant.
  • Large amounts of CO2 are produced during the fermentation process of alcoholic drinks.
  • CO2 is used as a protective gas in lot of packaging for the preservation of foods.
  • CO2 is particularly suitable for combating burning liquids and gases.
  • Dry ice pellets (CO2) are used for jet cleaning in industry and handicrafts.

In the event of a technical error or improper application, high concentrations of CO2 can form within a short time. This can lead to life threatening situations.


The SCD30 is available ex stock from GLYN.

Further information and ordering options can be found here:

 CO2 sensor:

  Article Data sheet Webshop Measurement range
 01_CO2Sensor_250px SCD30 Data sheet Webshop  CO2: 0 – 40'000 ppm
RH: 0…100 % ±3,0 %
T: -40…70 °C ± 0,4 °C

Quick start with an evaluation kit

A modular kit is available to evaluate the possibilities offered by the SCD30.

Every kit combines plug-and-play hardware with a user-friendly viewer software, ControlCenter, and the necessary cable in a modular system.

The evaluation kit can be individually configured in three simple steps …




  • Order an SEK SensorBridge…
  • …select the required sensors…
  • …load the SEK ControlCenter viewer software…

…start the evaluation!



  Article Data sheet Webshop Measurement range
data/glyn/media/img_big/10_Sensirion_SEK-SensorBridge2_250px.jpg SEK-SensorBridge Data sheet Webshop CO2: 0 – 40'000 ppm
RH: 0…100 % ±3,0 %
T: -40…70 °C ± 0,4 °C

CO2-sensor with Kabel:

  Article Data sheet Webshop Measurement range
10_Sensirion_SEK-SCD30-Sensor_250px SEK-SCD30-sensor Data sheet Webshop

CO2: 0 – 40'000 ppm
RH: 0…100 % ±3,0 %
T: -40…70 °C ± 0,4 °C

Viewer Software:

  Article Download
10_ControlCenter_250px ControlCenter Viewer Software Software


Stay Tuned –
SCD40 with photoacoustic measuring technology


The SENSIRION sensor family will be expanded with a miniaturised CO2 sensor. This is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Like the SCD30, the SCD40 includes an additional humidity and temperature sensor.

The photoacoustic measuring method allowed the housing dimensions to be reduced to 10.1 mm x 10.1 mm x 6.5 mm.

The sensor is therefore ideal for IoT, HVAC and consumer products.

We will pleased to notify you when the product is available.

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