Navigate to an accuracy of 1.4 cm. Precision GPS Antenna from TAOGLAS


Precision agriculture, micromobility, provision of drones and robots.

Build IoT devices with positioning technology with centimetre accuracy quickly and effectively.

TAOGLAS offers the GPS antennas for this purpose.

A precision currently unmatched anywhere in the world:
The new ADFGP.50A.07.0100C and AGPSF.36C.07.0100C antennas enable you to implement
semi-autonomous applications with a navigational accuracy of 1.4 cm.

This level of precision is achieved in conjunction with RTK (Real-Time Kinematics), a complex satellite navigation correction technique. This improves the accuracy of position data from satellite-based positioning systems such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.

Compact design:

► The antennas consist of two stacked patches:
     ADFGP.50A.07.0100C: Length and width of 50 and 40 mm with a thickness of only 16.8 mm
     AGPSF.36C.07.0100C: Length and width of 35 and 35 mm with a thickness of only 11.1 mm.

► The antenna is connected via an IPEX-MHFI connector and works in most environments without changes to the ground planes.

TAOGLAS® EDGE Locate cm Level-Modul



  • Design with a small form factor and an energy-efficient platform
  • High-end RTK receiver
  • Integrated and validated multiband antenna
  • Integrated multiband GNSS receiver
  • Simultaneous reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou
  • Enhanced anti-spoofing and anti-jamming
  • Microcontroller

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