Distribution contract for Europe:
GLYN is now a distributor of ADVANTECH products


The products of the Taiwanese manufacturer ADVANTECH are now available from GLYN.

From box and panel PCs, modular systems, CoMs, motherboards, single boards to IoT products, the manufacturer's portfolio is now obtainable across Europe through the distributor.


Your display can do more than just show high quality images


The PiezoListen™ loudspeakers from TDK are the world's thinnest loudspeakers with a thickness of only 0.49 mm.

Its small size means that the PiezoListen™ can be bonded directly to OLED and LCD displays as well as to the back of display panels. The sound is therefore output directly from the screen.

As a result, the loudspeaker can be easily integrated into existing applications without a sound outlet. This provides flexible acoustic solutions which do not require any changes to the external design.


The GLYN Touch Display family is growing - robust, brilliant and universal


Reaching your goal quickly and easily thanks to standardisation:

The GLYN family concept offers touch displays with standardised interfaces: All the displays have the same connector and the same pin assignment. As a result, the application can grow with your requirements by simply replacing the display.

Only 3.3 V and 12 V are required as supply voltages. This means that the displays can be operated on all current embedded PCs. A customer-specific decorative panel can also be applied, ideal for preparing a robust and modern HMI design.


From wide to round:
Exotic shapes for TFT displays


Are you looking for exotic shapes for your display applications?
GLYN offers you a really wide and well-rounded concept.

With diagonals from 3.9" to 38", you will always find a good solution - even if space is limited. For both horizontal and vertical displays.

Easy to read and convenient to operate
Use our displays with In-Plane Switch (IPS) technology and PCAP Touch for information displays, vending machines, counter displays and advertisements.


Reliable measurement of CO2 in the indoor air


The SENSIRION SCD30 is a sensor module for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and air quality applications.

A top-quality SENSIRION humidity and temperature sensor is used on the same module in conjunction with NDIR measuring technology for CO2 detection.

The NDIR principle makes use of the fact that CO2 molecules absorb infrared radiation in the 4.3 µm range. Other gas molecules absorb hardly any light in this wavelength. 


Navigate to an accuracy of 1.4 cm. Precision GPS Antenna from TAOGLAS


Precision agriculture, micromobility, provision of drones and robots.

Build IoT devices with positioning technology with centimetre accuracy quickly and effectively.

TAOGLAS offers the GPS antennas for this purpose.

A precision currently unmatched anywhere in the world:
The new ADFGP.50A.07.0100C and AGPSF.36C.07.0100C antennas enable you to implement
semi-autonomous applications with a navigational accuracy of 1.4 cm.