SILICON LABS “Thunderboard”:
Read sensor data with energy-efficient BLE 5.2 technology


The Thunderboard EFR32BG22 from SILICON LABS has plenty of sensor power.

Here you can easily and quickly
evaluate sensors in connection with current Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Four sensors are already integrated on the compact 30 x 45 mm board for testing:

  • Si7021 sensor for relative humidity and temperature
  • Si1133 UV index and ambient light sensor
  • Si7210 Hall effect sensor
  • TDK InvenSense ICM-20648 6-axis inertial sensor


The starter kit based on the Wireless System-on-Chip (SoC) EFR32BG22 Blue Gecko of the manufacturer [Link to Newsletter BG22 Equipped with 76.8 MHz clock frequency, 512 kB Flash and 32 kB RAM, the board consumes very little power. It is an ideal platform for energy-saving IoT and environmental projects.

The Thunderboard in its latest generation is an optimised development platform for your Bluetooth sensor solution. It is equipped with environmental or ambient sensors from SILICON LABS. These include the Si7021, which can be used to measure the temperature and relative humidity with high precision.

The Si1133 detects the UV index and ambient light. This enables control of a sun protection blind in accordance with defined criteria, for example. The ambient light sensor switches lighting devices on and off according to the measured brightness values. 


Convenient control and information via smartphone 

The values can be read on the smartphone via Bluetooth. Devices are easy to control via smartphone, as usual. This functionality is made possible by the Bluetooth BLE technology of SILICON LABS Blue Gecko in combination with a certified app.

This app is available for free for all Android and iOS systems. The source code for the iOS, and Android app are available on GitHub.

5 easy steps to get started in the BLE and sensor world of Silicon Labs

  • Step 1: Installation of the software
    Download Simplicity Studio and run the installation program.
  • Step 2: Connect the Thunderboard to the PC
    Connect the EFR32BG22 Thunderboard to your computer using a micro-USB-B cable. Next to the USB port, a blue LED should light up to check connectivity.
  • Step 3: Driver Installation
    The installation wizard will install all required base drivers on your system.
  • Step 4: Register and Login
    For a complete use of the Starter Kit a Silicon Labs Account is required. After successful account creation you will get access to the required WLAN stacks and SDKs for Thunderboard EFR32BG22, you do not need to register your Thunderboard EFR32BG22 at this time.
  • Step 5: Install the latest software for the Thunderboard
    If steps 1-4 have been completed successfully, you should now be able to see the connected hardware in Simplicity Studio and install all necessary SDK's via the integrated installation wizard.


Programming the EFR32BG22 Thunderboard is easily done via a USB Micro-B cable and the integrated J-Link debugger. The board features an 8 MBit serial flash for Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, or for use as a universal non-volatile memory.

Take off into the world of IoT with SILICON LABS and GLYN.
The Thunderboard is available ex stock from GLYN…


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