Real-time operations for critical processes:
Artificial Intelligence Edge solutions for AI computing


Decisions in real time.

Be it visual inspections or intelligent driving assistance systems – The automation industry is already successfully using Edge AI computing.

This technology enables real-time operations for critical processes, such as data analysis, decision making and corrective actions.

Edge AI computing sustainably optimises the personnel requirement and lowers the costs for data transmission and control of critical processes:

  • Control of the operational efficiency, especially in production
  • Maximum flexibility of the devices in different application through on-site real time calculations
  • Predictive maintenance

Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUa integrated on fanless boxed PCs


Embedded PC manufacturer MiTAC enables highly efficient AI computing on its new, rugged and fanless Embedded Box PC MB1-10AP. This works with the Intel® Apollo Lake processor and offers the option of integrating Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU hardware. Supplemented by the OpenVINO software tool kit, the PC in a compact housing of only 1.5 litres offers the possibility of successfully carrying out AI computing at every workplace and in every environment.

Edge AI Accelerator

Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X für Edge AI

Integrated Thermal Solution for total Fanless Design


Low Power Consumption Design


SUPPORT Intel OpenVINO Toolkit


SUPPORTed Framework:
TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNET



For even more complex tasks, use Artificial Intelligence on MiTAC's new fanless iTX Barebones PC MX1-10FEP. The embedded system is equipped with the Intel® Coffee Lake C246 Workstation chip set. This SUPPORTs the Xeon and Core-i LGA1151 base processors.

Combined with the fanless 7.8-litre housing and expandable modules, you can use the barebones reliably for calculation-intensive tasks in harsh working environments.
No less than four pluggable Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU modules meet the highest standards of artificial intelligence. With the optional graphics card, additional calculation operations can be carried out in a very short time. For example, optical inspections can be carried out in parallel using several cameras.

SUPPORTed AI/graphic cards:


• NVIDIA Quadro P400 (30 W)

• NVIDIA Quadro P620 (40 W)

• NVIDIA Quadro P1000 (47 W)

• NVIDIA Quadro P2200 (75 W)

• NVIDIA Tesla T4/P4 (75 W)

• Leadtek WinFast GTX1030, 4 GB (30 W)

• Leadtek WinFast GTX1650, 4 GB (75 W)

• Leadtek WinFast GTX1660 HURRICANE, 6 GB (120 W)

• Leadtek WinFast GTX1660 SUPER HURRICANE, 6 GB (125 W)

• Leadtek WinFast GTX1660 Ti HURRICANE, 6 GB (120 W)

*120 W GFX Card need to add 2nd AC/DC 12V Adaptor

• Aetina GTX1050 N1050-J9FX, 2 GB (75 W)

Edge AI Accelerator

4 x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X for Edge AI

Maximum AI Cores:
Up to 4 x Movidius Myriad X


SUPPORT Intel OpenVINO Toolkit


SUPPORTed Framework:
TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNET


You can get further information about the MiTAC Artificial Intelligence Edge solutions available from MITAC distributor GLYN on request.

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