Ideal form factor from the construction kit:
Flexible gate driver solution for IGBT and SiC modules

This gives you maximum flexibility when controlling your IGBT or SiC module solution.

Make use of the three-stage solution from TAMURA. Simply select your desired integration depth from this modular kit:

  • Expansion stage 1 – The power supply
  • Expansion stage 2 – The gate driver module
  • Expansion stage 3 – The gate driver unit

Take a minute to see a summary of how this three-stage solution works!

Expansion stage 1


DC-DC Power Supply

For all developers who already have an IGBT solution in use and are looking for a reliable power supply.

  • Low stray capacitances (type 9 pF)
  • Low profile housing (just 12.5 mm)
  • Input voltage from 13 V to 28 V
  • Isolation voltage of 5 kV
  • Also suitable for SiC modules

Expansion stage 2


Gate driver module

Ready-designed driver solution for easy attachment onto your individually developed IGBT or SiC module interconnection board.

  • Control of dual (2in1) modules
  • For IGBT and SiC modules up to 1700 V

Expansion stage 3


Gate Driver Unit

The convenient plug & play solution for direct attachment.

What’s more, it ideally fits the MITSUBISHI Dual IGBT modules from the current T/T1 series. It is also a perfect option for all other manufacturers with identical housing variants.

  • Matched gate resistors included
  • Integrated short-circuit detection

Typical application areas for the gate driver solution include motor controls, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), as well as photovoltaic and wind turbines.

Read about all the important technical features of the flexible gate driver solution in the current TAMURA brochure.

By the way – do you already know the modules suitable for the gate driver solution with 7th generation chip technology? We have the latest MITSUBISHI IGBT complete overview for you.

09_TAMURA-IGBT-SiC-LV 100_720px

Good to know! 

TAMURA will soon have a plug & play solution for the new powerful IGBT modules of the MITSUBISHI LV100 series.

Stay tuned… 


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