Ideal form factor from the construction kit:
Flexible gate driver solution for IGBT and SiC modules


This gives you maximum flexibility when controlling your IGBT or SiC module solution.

Make use of the three-stage solution from TAMURA. Simply select your desired integration depth from this modular kit:

  • Expansion stage 1 – The power supply
  • Expansion stage 2 – The gate driver module
  • Expansion stage 3 – The gate driver unit

Take a minute to see a summary of how this three-stage solution works!



Made in Germany at the best prices! FFP2-certified protective masks


Protect the health of your employees in the long term!

Only buy protective masks from a safe source and with a meaningful certificate.
Rely on FFP2 and CPA certified protective masks "Made in Germany".

The ATEMIOUS PRO protective masks (sales: GLYN) are ideal for areas of application with increased risk of infection and danger to the respiratory tract. They filter the finest particles and aerosols from the inhaled air. And they are "Made in Germany"!



More performance, less heat:


Advances in MOSFET silicon and housing technology are critical to improving energy efficiency. It is important to reduce the heat generated during the conversion of electricity as much as possible.

The environmentally conscious consumer knows: Hot housings or power supplies mean energy wastage! This leads to a shorter battery life, a higher electricity bill and to increased CO2 emissions.

When we make decisions about consumer and household appliances, industrial machinery or highly electrified conventional or hybrid cars, we always expect

  1. better energy efficiency with superior performance,
  2. with simultaneously lower operating costs
  3. and a smaller ecological footprint.


SILICON LABS “Thunderboard”:
Read sensor data with energy-efficient BLE 5.2 technology


The Thunderboard EFR32BG22 from SILICON LABS has plenty of sensor power.

Here you can easily and quickly
evaluate sensors in connection with current Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Four sensors are already integrated on the compact 30 x 45 mm board for testing:

  • Si7021 sensor for relative humidity and temperature
  • Si1133 UV index and ambient light sensor
  • Si7210 Hall effect sensor
  • TDK InvenSense ICM-20648 6-axis inertial sensor


Real-time operations for critical processes:
Artificial Intelligence Edge solutions for AI computing


Decisions in real time.

Be it visual inspections or intelligent driving assistance systems – The automation industry is already successfully using Edge AI computing.

This technology enables real-time operations for critical processes, such as data analysis, decision making and corrective actions.

Edge AI computing sustainably optimises the personnel requirement and lowers the costs for data transmission and control of critical processes:

  • Control of the operational efficiency, especially in production
  • Maximum flexibility of the devices in different application through on-site real time calculations
  • Predictive maintenance