Speed control, even without Hall sensors:
TOSHIBA BLDC Motor Control for high-speed motors


Modern fan motors operate at ever higher speeds to generate faster airflows:

a) For fans designed to cool devices quickly and reliably.
b) For cordless vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots that need to generate a high suction power to quickly pick up dirt from the floor.

The whole process should be completed with maximum efficiency to keep energy costs as low as possible on the one hand, while on the other achieving the longest possible battery operating time per charge.

BLDC motors of various performance classes are used in the device to meet current targets.
They are highly efficient, have a long service life and can reach very high speeds.

Sensorless control
A new 3-phase BLDC motor controller is available in the form of the TC78B009FTG from TOSHIBA. The device can control high-speed motors even without hall sensors.

The rotational position of the motor is identified based on the induced voltage. HALL sensors are not required here. The space requirements of the controller and overall costs are reduced as a result.

Gate driver on-chip
The TC78B009FTG already incorporates a gate driver, which allows you to activate N-channel MOSFETs directly. Selecting different external MOSFETs determines the maximum motor power that can be achieved. The controller is therefore universally applicable.

The switching speed of the MOSFETs can be set to 8 separate on and off settings.

The integrated speed controller of the IC keeps the motor speed stable in the event of fluctuations in the dynamic power and load. The external microcontroller is not required here.

The speed profile is set via the internal non-volatile memory. The actual speed is then specified by a PWM signal, an analogue voltage or via the I²C interface.

The controller has an operating voltage of 5.5 V to 27 V and features overtemperature and overcurrent monitoring functions. An undervoltage lockout function is also integrated.
The controller detects any faults in the charge pump of the gate driver for the external MOSFETs.

The TC78B009FTG is available ex stock from GLYN.

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