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Always up to date and with convenient product selection feature.

The GLYN iPC selector will help you quickly find the most suitable industrial PC for you based on the selection criteria you specify.

Select from the three categories:

iPC Panel PC Finder 

Ultra-compact and energy-saving or a high-end version with maximum performance. Regardless of whether it is used indoors or as a powerful, high-bright version used outdoors. Simply select the desired diagonal, system components, connections and functions according to your performance requirements. The finder provides you with a direct selection of suitable panel PC systems.

iPC Board Finder

Find the right solution for any industrial application from the large selection of our PC board providers. Whether an ultra-compact Pico-ITX or a fully equipped Mini-ITX motherboard: The boards include a wide range of powerful, compact and flexible options - with both x86 and ARM-based platforms and various form factors.
The PC boards are therefore suitable for a variety of uses, from energy-saving mobile applications to robust high-end solutions.

Simply select the desired form factor, connections and features that meet your performance requirements.

iPC Boxed System Finder 

From ultra-compact and energy-saving to a high-end performance version. Boxed PC systems can easily and reliably withstand a wide variety of environmental influences such as extreme temperatures, dust, vibrations and shocks.

Simply choose the desired system components, connections and functions that meet your requirements and our finder will provide you with a direct selection of suitable embedded PC systems.

You can also use the new GLYN tool together with our iPC specialists.
Your contact can provide you with all the relevant information material and prices.

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