Full marks in the readers poll:
GLYN is your special distributor of the year


“Thank you very much to everyone who voted us Special Distributor of the Year,” said Thomas Gerhardt, Managing Director at GLYN, expressing his delight about the result of the readers' poll held by the trade journal ELEKTRONIK and website elektroniknet.de. “We are proud of this amazing feedback.
The customer’s approval is the most important thing, which is why finishing in first place in all categories is so valuable for us. We take it very seriously and want to reward the decision of those who voted for us by providing an outstanding performance day in, day out. And that’s a promise!”

Almost 5,000 readers took part in the poll. GLYN locked horns with 33 other market players and was awarded first place in all 5 categories.
You can read the interview between Mr. Haller (ELEKTRONIK) and Mr. Gerhardt here:

ELEKTRONIK: “You scored top marks in every category! Can you please give me your own assessment? How far ahead do you think you are of the competitors who were placed directly below you? Was your lead narrow or comfortable?”

Gerhardt: “It has always been close over the years. It all came down to tenths of a point. The other distributors are all very good too. Each one has their own unique strengths. It shows exactly how important the role of the distributor is.
They supply the markets with high product availability and a great deal of know-how as well as drastically increasing the efficiency in the system. Just imagine what would happen if you came to the office in the morning and all the distributors had disappeared overnight. This service is immensely important and extremely valuable. The good reviews also reflect a general awareness for the importance of this service. This year, volume, catalogue and special distributors were split into different categories for the very first time. So it's really hard to say how things turned out the way they did this time round.”

ELEKTRONIK: “In which potential areas will it be difficult to defend first place next year?“

Gerhardt: “Your decision to divide the business models into three categories in the survey was a very good one. It reflects the exact way in which the market is developing. Large-scale distributors and major manufacturers, whose products everyone wants to have anyway, team up together. Almost all the products in the catalogues are held in stock. The special distributors cater for manufacturers looking for the active sale of their products and professional project work. We excel in logistical and technical SUPPORT. In special distribution, however, offering customers an attractive product portfolio is always a challenging task. We can certainly improve in this area.”


ELEKTRONIK: “What does Elektronik Readers’ Poll Distributor of the Year mean for your company?”

Gerhardt: “The readers’ poll is very important for us. We are therefore extremely grateful that this format has been available for so many years. Due to their neutral, independent role and their professional approach together with the FBDI,
these results carry a great deal of weight in the industry. The survey has become an established part of the culture within the sector over the years. Many market observers ask us about our results. They offer manufacturers a good indication of which distributor is using which business model, and how the actual implementation of the model is perceived by customers.”

You can find out how distribution performed in the 2020 annual report of readers: