Changing fuses is a thing of the past:
TOSHIBA eFuse with IEC 62368-1 certification


Conventional fuses, such as glass tube fuses and chip fuses, protect electronic circuits through their "sacrificial action". They blow and physically interrupt the circuit. The fuse has to be replaced after the fault event, sometimes in a time-consuming process which involves opening the device.

Digital fuses reduce service time and cut service costs
On the other hand, eFuses from TOSHIBA are much more convenient. They switch off the circuit and can subsequently be reset. Depending on the type, this either takes place automatically or via a reset signal.

You thereby save service time and cut the service costs.

Superfast 200 ns reaction time prevents damage more effectively
The short-circuit reaction time is less than 200 ns. This is considerably faster than a standard fuse, which requires approx. 1 s.

Damage to circuits can therefore be prevented more effectively.

TOSHIBA has applied for a patent for the function.

Even after repeated actuation - the same reliable switch-off and conductivity characteristics
Compared to PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient) fuses, which can also be reset, eFuses from TOSHIBA retain their switch-off and conductivity characteristics even after repeated actuation and are therefore far superior to them.

Additional integrated protective functions
In addition to this, eFuses from TOSHIBA offer even more protective functions, which extend far beyond the possibilities of a normal fuse.

These include high-precision adjustable overcurrent limitation, adjustable inrush current limitation as well as an adjustable undervoltage lockout.

Protection against overvoltage is also available for selected types.

The eFuses are provided with an overtemperature shutdown function, so that they are not damaged.

The extensive additional functions enable the circuit design to be simplified and the number of components, costs and space to be reduced.

Certified according to the IEC62368-1 standard – Simplifies the certification tests for your end product
The electronic fuses have been already certified according to the new IEC62368-1 standard. This affects the safety evaluation of audio and video equipment, IT products and office machines.

The certification tests for the end product are simplified thereby.

The components are supplied in a housing which only measures 3 x 3 x 0.7mm and are suitable for e.g. battery-operated tools, battery-operated vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, smart speakers, wireless charging and power supplies.

Article Housing Operating- voltage Output current RDSON (typ) Inrush current limitation Overvoltage limitation Undervoltage lockout Reset function

Overcurrent shutdown adjustable

3 x 3 x 0,7mm
4,4 V
bis 18 V
5 A 28 mΩ X 6,04 V X Auto-retry X
TCKE805NA Latched
TCKE812NA* 15,1 V Auto-retry
TCKE812NA* Latched
TCKE800NA* - Auto-retry
TCKE800NA* - Latched

*under development


The types TCKE805NA and TCKE805NE are currently available as samples ex stock from GLYN.

Further details are provided in the following video:

You will find a compact overview with technical details here:Toshiba-GLYN-FAB-E-Fuse-20201.jpg

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