For battery-operated IoT products:
Power Bluetooth 5.2 applications for 10 years with a button cell


You can use the Blue Gecko 22 SoC from SILICON LABS to operate battery-operated IoT applications for up to 10 years with a button cell.

The energy-saving ARM® Cortex® M33 core offers outstanding energy efficiency of 27 µA/MHz (active mode) and 1.2 µA in the power saving mode.

The target applications include Bluetooth network nodes with low power consumption, intelligent door locks, lifestyle gadgets and fitness equipment. Asset tracking tags, beacons and indoor navigation are another application area for the energy-saving Geckos.


Changing fuses is a thing of the past:
TOSHIBA eFuse with IEC 62368-1 certification


Conventional fuses, such as glass tube fuses and chip fuses, protect electronic circuits through their "sacrificial action". They blow and physically interrupt the circuit. The fuse has to be replaced after the fault event, sometimes in a time-consuming process which involves opening the device.

Digital fuses reduce service time and cut service costs
On the other hand, eFuses from TOSHIBA are much more convenient. They switch off the circuit and can subsequently be reset. Depending on the type, this either takes place automatically or via a reset signal.

You thereby save service time and cut the service costs.


One connector, one voltage, one cable –
25 displays:
3.5 inch TFT family concept now with IPS panel


GLYN and the Taiwanese display specialist EDT have developed a unique TFT family in collaboration with European industrial customers.

With one million devices in the field (as of the end of 2019), this family has advanced to become a standard.

The 8 most important features:


For continuous working 24/7:
AAEON Rugged Tablet Computers can be operated with gloves


A reliable mobile tablet computer solution for indoors and outdoors.

The robust Rugged Tablet Computers (RTC) from AAEON open up an enormous area of application in industry to you.

For example, the RTCs are perfect for the construction industry, public services, logistics and storage as well as for use under other extreme conditions. This is underlined by a wide operating temperature range from -20 °C to 60 °C and high ruggedness.


For silicon-, GaN- or SiC-based systems:
The "turbocharged" ISO gate driver for high-speed switches


Ideal for controlling Power MOSFETs and IGBTs in switch-mode power supplies, inverters and motor control systems.

The ISO drivers of the Si823Hx series from SILICON LABS provide symmetrical 4 A control with a robust driver output of 30 V.

The "turbo lag" is extremely small here - the propagation delay is only 30 ns (max.)