How to protect your data in POS systems and other applications...


Legal tax regulations for data recording from January 2020.

GDPR-compliant data encryption.


Prepare your POS system for the new legal requirements laid down by the tax authorities.
Integrate a data carrier concept into your GDPR measures.


Using Xmore® security solutions, we protect your application from modification and / or manipulation.


Xmore® WORM card  

Using the Xmore® WORM (Write Once Read Many) card, you meet the requirements of the tax authorities, ensuring that no one can make changes to data that has already been written. It is particularly suitable for applications with sensitive data such as finance, property protection, medical care and data archiving.


Xmore® Secure USB with 256-bit AES encryption

The Xmore® Security USB stick allows you to decide who can access your data. It combines access restriction to a protected partition and data encryption according to AES 256 in one USB stick. Brute force attacks are successfully prevented by limiting password entry attempts to 6 tries. After loss of the password, it is no longer even possible for Xmore® to decrypt the stored data.


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