Toshiba Memory has changed its name to KIOXIA


Toshiba Memory has officially changed its name to KIOXIA.

On 1 October, KIOXIA unveiled its new brand identity and new logo:


KIOXIA is a combination of the Japanese word kioku for “memory” and the Greek word axia for “value”. The new brand name therefore combines "memory" with "value" and stands for the company's vision to enrich and uplift the world with memory. KIOXIA will cultivate the new era of memory, which is characterized by rapidly increasing demands on high-performance memory and high-capacity data processing, enabling the company to grow as a leading manufacturer of flash memory in the long term


How to protect your data in POS systems and other applications...


Legal tax regulations for data recording from January 2020.

GDPR-compliant data encryption.


Prepare your POS system for the new legal requirements laid down by the tax authorities.
Integrate a data carrier concept into your GDPR measures.


Using Xmore® security solutions, we protect your application from modification and / or manipulation.


Xmore® WORM card

Using the Xmore® WORM (Write Once Read Many) card, you meet the requirements of the tax authorities, ensuring that no one can make changes to data that has already been written. It is particularly suitable for applications with sensitive data such as finance, property protection, medical care and data archiving.


Now also available in -40 to 85 °C!


Industrial applications for large data volumes are increasingly being expanded.
It is therefore all the more important that the bandwidth corresponds with increasing memory capacities. Quicker than SATA, PCIe ensures that the data is processed under fast I/O requirements.


PCIe-based storage has to endure a lot in industry. And from now it can also do so in an extended temperature range: Xmore® products with PCIe Gen. 3x4 are available in -40 to 85 °C.


ATP e.MMC E800Pi with 60,000 write/delete cycles


Built for the toughest industrial conditions.


With E800Pi, manufacturer ATP introduces its e.MMC based on SLC NAND flash. The long service life of 60,000 write/erase cycles is outstanding.


Reliable Single Level Cell Flash technology
SLC is regarded as the best available technology for applications requiring high reliability, due to its service life and data retention as well as its low read disturb effects. With the help of ATP's SLC-based E800Pi e.MMC you can optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO).


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