New DC motor driver extends battery life


TOSHIBA is expanding its range of driver ICs for brushed DC motors with a highly efficient single-channel H-bridge driver.

The TB67H450FNG drives motors with an operating voltage from 4.5 to 44 V and a maximum current of 3.5 A.

Thanks to the smallest standby current in the industry of only 1µA across the entire voltage range, it is extremely well-suited for all battery-powered applications.

This extends the battery life, and reduces the cost of replacement and the number of necessary charging cycles.

The TB67H450FNG can control motors in four different modes (forwards, backwards, brake and stop). It also has the capacity to shut down safely in the event of overheating (TSD), overcurrent (ISD) and undervoltage (UVLO).

The compact HSOP8 housing is pin and function-compatible with existing solutions from other manufacturers.

Thanks to the wider operating voltage range, smaller current consumption and lower price, the component is also suitable as a plug-in substitute and upgrade for applications such as electronic locks, robot vacuums, electric curtain rails and blinds, card readers and vending machines.

Further information can be found here:

Datasheet Application note
TB67H450FNG (493 KB) TB67H450FNG (323 KB)

The TB67H450FNG is now available ex stock from GLYN.

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