Join the SiLabs EFM8 MCU family for free –
Compact housings with extremely low power consumption


A “busy bee” – this is the starter kit with which we are offering you free entry to the
high-speed and ultra-low power world of the EFM8™ series from SILICON LABS.

The “Busy Bee” starter kit contains a fully fledged hardware debugger, the tool chain “Simplicity Studio” and a free licence for the Keil compiler.
Everything that makes a developer's heart beat faster.

Compact housings (starting at 1.78 x 1.65 mm), an extremely low power consumption of 50 nA (ultra sleep) and a short wakeup time of 2µs and 150 µA/MHz are what set the EFM8™ series apart.
Ideal for various applications in the IoT sector. 

The EFM8™ series is based on the 8-bit CPU core CIP-51, which is compatible with the process architecture 8051. The number of clock cycles per command has been reduced from 12 to 1-2, and the clock frequency increased to 72 MHz.


Starter kit equipment:

  • On-board USB debugger
  • Free IDE (Simplicity Studio)
  • Free Keil compiler licence


Four available product families:

  • Busy Bee (general purpose), “Priority Crossbar“ simplifies the PCB design
  • Laser Bee (analogue features), temperature sensor, 72 MHz
  • Sleepy Bee (low-power), 50 nA sleep mode, CapSense
  • Universal Bee (USB), no quartz necessary, USB Charger Detect 1.2

EFM8 Selector Guide  

Our “SUPPORT IS RED” campaign for you:

Request your free Busy Bee starter kit now!

Request now, while supplies last. Limited to one kit per participant!


Write an e-mail with the subject line “SiLabs SUPPORT IS RED Campaign” and send your company/address to:

Mr Beikler will get in touch with you.


We would be happy to send you further technical information on request.


+49 6126 590-255
+49 6126 590-133

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