High-performance 6-axis motion sensor from TDK


Now with the new SensWire interface for digitally connected sensors:

The ICM-42605 from TDK InvenSense is a 6-axis motion sensor that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis acceleration sensor in a small 2.5 x 3 x 0.91 mm (14-pin LGA) housing.

It has a 2-kilobyte FIFO, which enables the system processor to bundle sensor data before switching to energy saving mode. This reduces data traffic on the serial interface and the already very low current consumption of 0.65 mA in full power mode to only 7.5 µA in full sleep mode.

As the first sensor from TDK InvenSense, the ICM-42605 also has the new standard I3CSM on board in addition to the familiar I²C and SPI interface. This interface, also known as SenseWire, was originally developed specially for digitally connected sensors. It is also used in medium and high-speed embedded applications.

Note the following three advantages:
Higher data transfer rates with simultaneously reduced current consumption
2. More sensors can be connected to one bus
3. Compatibility with I²C onwards

The gyroscope supports eight programmable measuring range limit values from ±15.625 dps to ±2000 dps. The acceleration sensor supports four programmable display ranges from ±2 g to ±16 g.

Further functions include the programmable digital filters, an integrated temperature sensor and programmable interrupts. The supply voltage from 1.71 V to 3.6 V is ideal for battery-operated applications.

Further information can be found here:



Data sheet


 ICM-42605 Datenblatt (1,22 MB)


Development kit

The DK-42605 development kit is available for ICM-42605.

The platform, which is based on the G55 MCU microchip, can be used for the quick evaluation and development of ICM-42605-based solutions.  The DK-42605 features an integrated debugger so there is no need for external tools for the programming or debugging of the G55 MCU.


The development kit is delivered with the necessary software, including InvenSense Motion Link, a GUI-based development tool and integrated motion drivers for the ICM-42605. 

Article User guide
DK-42605 DK-42605 SmartMotion-Hardware-User-Guide-Ver-0.93 (1,14 MB)

The ICM-42605 motion sensor and DK-42605 evaluation kit are now available ex stock from GLYN.

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